Ulysses 29 now Lets Users Organize their Writings into Projects


This week, Ulysses, the well-known Markdown editor, and writing app, receives a significant update with version 29. Users can now organize their writing into Projects with specific sections, Keyword Pools, and more thanks to the update. Continue reading as we go over every new feature in Ulysses 29.

“Projects” is the biggest addition to Ulysses 29. This function in Ulysses enables users to concentrate on the content of a particular writing project. Each project has its own specific content as well as additional sections, like those for chapters and research. Everything else in the app is concealed while you are working on a project.

Ulysses will remind you that tasks can have both a character goal and a deadline. Each project also has a unique set of keywords and export formatting.

  • Since only the groups for your project are displayed in the sidebar, projects allow you to concentrate on the content of your writing project.
  • Projects have sections for specific content and extras.
  • For each project, keywords are managed separately.
  • With just one click, projects can be exported, and each project can have its own settings for file format and export style.
  • A project’s writing objective and due date are prominently displayed in the sidebar.

But Ulysses 29 also includes some other new features and improvements in addition to Projects. For instance, the toolbars and menus have been updated, and the app now fully supports drag-and-drop.

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