Gentler Streak Updated with Activity Recap and More

Gentler Streak

Apple recently named Gentler Streak the App of the Year for Apple Watch. The iPhone app has been available since 2021, and the Apple Watch app was released in February of this year. Katarina Lotri, the company’s co-founder and CEO, says she is honored that Apple has recognized the work of a “small independent team.”

A few new features have recently been added to the well-known Apple Watch app Gentler Streak, which was developed to aid users in achieving their fitness goals. The 2022 Activity Recap is included in the app’s most recent version, supporting the Action Button on the Apple Watch Ultra.

The 2022 Activity Recap displays an overview of the user’s activities logged in the Gentler Streak app throughout the year. Users can access information in one location, such as their total distance traveled in 2022. The features are described as follows by the creators:

With this activity recap, you can see everything you did in 2022. See how many reports you’ve accumulated, how far you’ve traveled, and how many hours you’ve spent actively off the couch… We’ve created an excellent SHARE option to help spread the word and motivate your friends! Examine it.

The app’s version 2.7.5 also includes support for the Apple Watch Ultra’s Action Button. The Apple Watch Ultra has a new button on its side that can be programmed with various commands. It allowing users to begin specific workouts without having to interact with the screen. In this case, the Gentler Streak update allows users to configure the Action Button to begin, pause, and resume a workout.

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