Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Just Bought Even More AAPL

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Bought More AAPL

Apple stock is now much more heavily held by Berkshire Hathaway, the investment company founded by Warren Buffett. The conglomerate disclosed in a filing today that it increased its interest in Apple by more than $3 billion during the fourth quarter of 2022. AAPL continues to be the sole stock investment that Berkshire has made.

The value of Berkshire Hathaway’s Apple shareholding has increased due to this growth to approximately $137 billion. According to information gathered by StreetInsider, the shares owned by Buffett’s conglomerate account for 5.8% of all AAPL shares that are now outstanding.

Berkshire also reduced its stake in TSMC, one of Apple’s most significant supply chain partners, at the same time. All of the Apple Silicon chips used in the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and other products are manufactured by TSMC. Only in Q3 2022 did Berkshire make its debut investment in TSMC.
In accordance with today’s filings, Berkshire drastically cut its position in TSMC, from 60 million shares to just 8.29 million shares worth $617.7 million.Actually, Berkshire only expanded its stakes in three companies: Apple, Paramount, and Louisiana-Pacific, a manufacturer of building supplies.

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