Plex Launches new Feature for Skipping TV Show and Movie

Plex Feature for Skipping TV Show and Movie

You may now simply skip the closing credits of any TV show or movie using Plex’s new functionality. The “Credits Detection” feature enables you to access post-credit content or rapidly go to the next episode of a TV show. This is how it goes.

Plex has been testing this functionality for a few weeks and today made it official in a blog post. Credits Detection operates by automatically determining when a movie or TV show’s closing credits start, at which point a “Skip Credits” button is displayed.

By pressing the “Skip Credits” button, the Plex player will immediately advance to the post-play screen or the end of the credits. This speeds up moving to any mid-credits or post-credits scenes, as well as to the next episode of a TV show.

On a variety of various devices, including Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac, users can skip credits. Just make sure Plex is installed on your device using the most recent version available from the App Store. To use Credits Detection for private content on your own Plex Media Server, similar to the “Intro Detection” feature, you must be a Plex Pass member.

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