Apple Details what’s New in the Latest AirTag Firmware Updates

AirTag Firmware

Since November, Apple has released two firmware updates for the AirTag item tracker. The business has not yet specified what has changed as a result of these updates. Apple has finally disclosed what’s new with the most recent AirTag firmware updates, as some users have pointed out.

Apple has now described what has changed in AirTag firmware updates 2.0.24 and 2.0.36 in a support article on its website. On November 10, the AirTag firmware 2.0.24 was released, enabling iPhone users to use Precision Finding to find an unidentified AirTag.

Apple made this announcement earlier this year as a part of its efforts to stop people from using AirTag for stalking. The user can use Precision Finding in conjunction with a sound alert to locate. And quickly disable an unknown AirTag when the iPhone detects it moving along with them.

Apple has improved the alerts you when an AirTag that has been separated from its owner is traveling with you. Since some of these features depend on the U1 chip with Ultra Wideband technology. And an iPhone 11 or later is unavoidably required.

When it comes to the AirTag firmware update 2.0.36, which was made available on December 12. Apple claims it has resolved a problem where the accelerometer wasn’t activating in some circumstances. This sensor probably aids the iPhone in determining when an AirTag is moving. By accessing the FindMy app and tapping on the AirTag name, users can view the firmware version of their AirTags.

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