Apple Loses Top Interactive Media Group Exec of 14 Years to Roblox


Apple’s engineering VP, who has been in charge of initiatives such as CarPlay and Group FaceTime, is leaving the company. After more than two decades at Apple and 14 years as an executive, John Stauffer is set to begin his new role as VP of engineering at Roblox.

According to Axios, Stauffer was chosen by Roblox after interviewing “a few hundred” potential candidates over the last year to lead its engineering team. He’ll begin his new job the following week.

Stauffer has been with Apple for almost 24 years. He’s also been the VP of Apple’s Interactive Media group for the last 14 years. Where he’s been in charge of “core work on projects such as CarPlay, Group FaceTime, and AirPlay.”

CTO of Roblox Stauffer will report to Daniel Sturman, who believes his long tenure at Apple. And decades of growth at the tech giant will pay off. John witnessed Apple’s expansion from a much smaller company, according to Sturman. “That is the course we hope, want, and anticipate taking.”

Stauffer admitted that when Roblox approached him, he wasn’t looking for new job, but he was “intrigued by the challenge”. Although Stauffer has been quick to remind them that the new job does not imply an endless supply of Robux, the virtual world’s in-app currency, His children, meanwhile, are overjoyed.

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