Skiers Accidentally Set off iPhone 14 Crash Detection

Shortly after the iPhone 14 was released this fall, the new Crash Detection feature was discovered to be unintentionally triggered in some cases by roller coasters. 

Crash Detection is a valuable new safety feature included with the iPhone 14 lineup. As well as the new Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, and SE 2. False positives are still possible, despite Apple’s use of all-new hardware, an advanced algorithm, and over a million hours of crash data.

Even today, Apple released an update that should help with accidental Crash Detection. However, the majority of users have yet to install that update. Apple has released iOS 16.1.2, which includes improvements to Crash Detection for iPhone 14 users.

Riders in Park City, Utah, have been unknowingly activating Crash Detection while skiing and snowboarding, according to KSL. Suzie Butterfield, the supervisor of the Summit County Dispatch Center, stated that they receive “three to five emergency calls from Apple technology per day”. She claims that none of the calls she’s taken have been set up on purpose.”

Notably, Butterfield regards Apple’s Crash Detection as a useful tool. Even with false positives, and recommends that users leave it enabled.

“We don’t want you to turn off the feature,” Butterfield explained. “We’d rather you stay safe.” We don’t mind taking that call. Because we want to be able to reach you if something goes wrong. Skiing accidents reportedly activating Crash Detection have also been mentioned on Reddit.

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