Apple Announces App Store Award Winners for 2022, Highlighting the Best Apps of the Year

Apple has announced the winners of the 2022 App Store Awards, highlighting the 16 best apps and games chosen by Apple’s global App Store editorial team.

Apple chose the top apps based on their quality, innovative technology, creative design, positive cultural impact, and ability to provide “exceptional experiences.” Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, stated:

The apps that received this year’s App Store Award winners reimagined our experiences by offering new, thoughtful, and sincere viewpoints. These entrepreneurs, who range from self-taught individuals to global teams, are having a significant impact and show how apps and games affect our society and daily lives.

Apple also singled out five “Cultural Impact Winners,” which it claims “have influenced culture and made a lasting impact on people’s lives.” The following are the winning apps in this category:

• How We Feel, courtesy of the How We Feel Project, Inc. 

• Dot’s Home, courtesy of the Rise-Home Stories Project

• Locket Widget, created by Locket Labs, Inc. 

• Waterllama, created by Vitalii Mogylevets

• ARTE Experience’s Inua – A Story in Ice and Time

According to Apple, “this year’s winners encourage users to engage more deeply with their emotions, authentically connect with others, and pay homage to their heritage and the generations that came before them while envisioning how to create a better world today.”

Each App or Game of the Year winner will receive a physical App Store award modelled after the App Store logo design. Each award is made of 100 percent recycled aluminium and has the winner’s name engraved on the side.

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