Energizer Unveils Hardcase P28K Smartphone with Record-Breaking Battery Life

Energizer Hardcase P28K

Energizer, a well-known innovator in battery technology, has recently launched a new smartphone called Hardcase P28K at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona. This rugged device is equipped with an enormous 28,000mAh battery – the largest battery ever seen in a smartphone.

What does this mean for users? Simply put, it translates to a week-long battery life with regular usage on a single charge, a feat previously unheard of in the smartphone realm. Whether you’re a heavy user or someone who values reliability, the Hardcase P28K promises uninterrupted availability for up to 94 days on standby or five days under continuous usage.

In addition to its powerhouse battery, the Hardcase P28K features a robust IP68-rated dust and water-resistant build, ensuring durability in various environments. It sports a spacious 6.78-inch display and a versatile triple rear camera setup, perfect for capturing life’s moments with clarity and precision.

Priced at 250 euros and set to hit the market in October 2024, the Energizer Hardcase P28K represents a significant advancement in smartphone endurance.

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