Jeep held a contest to rename the Wagoneer S, but people liked it the way it was

Wagoneer S Renaming Contest


In October 2022, Jeep brand ex-president Christian Meunier told Motor Trend that Jeep was looking for the perfect name for the battery-electric Wagoneer S. The carmaker has come up with a handful but hopes the public can do better.

The Name the New Wagoneer contest invited anyone to visit a website, input a few identifying data, and submit a proposal for a name of up to 50 characters. The only constraints we saw in the contest criteria were that entries had to be original, could not have won a previous award or been previously published, and had to be appropriate for polite company.

According to the marketing director, the automaker’s team liked some names, but they were trademarked. 

With no distinctly new winner, it is possible that Jeep did not need to award a big prize. The victor would receive immortality, a four-day ski trip to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, including flights, hotel, lift tickets, rentals, guide or instructor, and a $1,000 gift card to the retail store for a total package value of $40,000. 

The automaker did so nonetheless, awarding the top prize to the first individual to suggest preserving the Wagoneer S name; hence, that person received everything except immortality.

The 600-horsepower battery-electric SUV, complete with spoilers, screens, glossy trim, door pushbuttons, and McIntosh audio, is set to be revealed later this year.

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