Netflix Hiding its Cheapest ad-free Plan from New Subscribers


According to the Techno blog, some users who attempt to sign up for Netflix no longer see the basic ad-free plan on the Netflix website. Instead, the Basic with ads, Standard, and Premium plans are the only choices. Additionally, Netflix does indeed keep its cheapest ad-free plan off of its website.

However, this does not imply that Netflix has stopped offering its free basic ad-free plan. The option to select that tier is still there, but it’s now tucked away in a very tiny link on the Netflix subscription page. Some users are still able to view the four plans in the list without clicking any links, suggesting that the business is conducting an A/B test.

Netflix is most likely employing “dark pattern” techniques. Because it forces users to pick between one option that is less advantageous and another that is more expensive.

This can be categorized as a “dark pattern,”. Which is the term used to describe the practice of luring the user into less desirable or interesting options. It appears that the goal is to steer customers toward a much more expensive plan. If they don’t want a plan that includes advertisements.

The Basic plan in the US costs $6.99 per month with ads, while the same plan costs $9.99 without them. The Standard plan is $8.50 more expensive than the least expensive plan right now, costing $15.49 per month. The Premium plan is another option, costing $19.99 per month. That moving subscribers into a tier that is $13 more expensive than the least expensive.

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