It’s 2023, and Instagram should make an iPad app

Instagram iPad app

Instagram has continued to draw users away from Facebook and Twitter despite Meta’s best efforts to kill it. The limitations of primarily sharing photos and videos have a certain feel-good quality. Instagram was also released for the iPhone twelve years ago; it debuted the same year as the iPad. The refusal to create an iPad version that isn’t just the web is still perplexing as 2023 approaches.

It just makes perfect sense. iPads are great for enjoying both our favorite images and videos, and Instagram is fantastic for sharing both. Even Instagram Stories are wonderful, despite being ripped off from Snapchat. Additionally, IGTV was a failure, but a tablet version would have been cool had it succeeded!

Instagram and Facebook are aware that the iPad exists. Facebook does a passable job of supporting Messenger and Facebook on the iPad, and Instagram even created two iPad camera apps, Hyperlapse and Boomerang, though they aren’t the main app.

The Layout app for Instagram is also excellent. A lot of people use watermarked, free alternatives that are ad-supported. Even if you don’t want to post to Instagram, switch to the layout.

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