Mac Gaming to Gain DirectX 12 Support via CrossOver 23

CrossOver 23 brings DirectX 12 Support for Mac Gaming

CodeWeavers announced this week that CrossOver will add DirectX 12 support this year to improve the experience of playing Windows games on macOS.

By converting Windows APIs into their Mac equivalents, CrossOver enables users of macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS to run Windows apps as if they were native. Only Microsoft’s DirectX 11 is supported by CrossOver at the moment. The most recent set of graphics rendering APIs available on Windows and Xbox, DirectX 12, promises improved performance, efficacy, and the best possible utilization of several CPU and GPU cores.

To get around problems, CrossOver will gradually add support for DirectX 12 games. CodeWeavers confirms Diablo II Resurrected is running on macOS with CrossOver 23 pre-alpha builds, despite bugs. No single magic key unlocks DirectX 12 support, and other games will need to be added per title.

The first game to support DirectX 12 in CrossOver will be “Diablo II Resurrected,” although CodeWeavers intends to add more games later. You can check what might be compatible with CodeWeavers’ software by visiting their database of compatibility information.CrossOver 23 is scheduled to have its formal premiere later this year after the first beta is launched this summer.

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