With updated Maps and Search, Google Completes the Rollout of iOS 16 lock Screen Widgets


All of the Lock Screen widgets for Google’s iPhone apps, including the Google app, Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome, Google News, and Google Drive, have now been released.

Following the Wednesday release of five widgets for the Google app, the deployment was finished today with the addition of two Maps Lock Screen widgets. The Google app’s widgets feature the following descriptions and come in two sizes for Search in version 233.0:

  • Search: Use your lock screen to access Google Search 
  • Voice Search: Ask a question, sing along, or voice-search for information
  • Search using your camera or any image using a lens.
  • Shortcuts for lenses: You can quickly go to your preferred Lens feature. Use your camera to translate, shop, or finish your schoolwork.

Google Maps 6.40 introduces widgets for Frequent Trips and Search, with the latter showing the location, anticipated arrival time, and traffic conditions:
• Frequent Journeys: For your frequent trips, get directions and an estimated arrival time.
• Search: Use Google Maps to look up places to eat, fill up, and more.
Google Drive, Chrome, Google News, and Gmail all have equivalent widgets. Launch the updated applications after they have been updated on your device before attempting to install widgets; otherwise, they won’t show up in the Lock Screen editor.

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