Apple Store App Updated with New Features for Shopping Lists

Apple Store App Updated Features for Shopping Lists

The Apple Store app for iPhone and iPad has received an update that includes new capabilities centered on lists and stored goods. The update also makes it easy to locate additional information about Apple Store locations and their environs.

The Apple Store app for iPhone and iPad has long provided detailed information about physical Apple Stores, such as store hours, accessible payment options, and Today Apple information. Today’s update extends on that by providing additional information on locations as well as their environs.

The following are the complete release notes for today’s iPhone and iPad Apple Store app update:

  • You may easily share saved item lists with your friends and family.
  • Access and shop your saved items in other locations throughout the app.
  • Discover additional information about our Apple Store locations and their surroundings.

The Apple Store app for iPhone and iPad may be downloaded through the App Store. The new update, version 5.19, is still in the process of being distributed, so you may not see it on your devices just yet.

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