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This is another one of our articles on Kodi. we will be talking about the best Kodi Sports addons in 2023. All of the addons in this tutorial are compatible with all Kodi-compatible devices, including Amazon FireStick and Fire TV, Android smartphones, Mac, Linux, Windows PC, Nvidia Shield, cellphones, and tablets. Everyone has a favourite sport that they absolutely love playing and watching. For me, it is football. But where I live, it becomes difficult to watch it, especially if you are a huge FC Barcelona fan.

Most TV channels in my area focus on the English Premier League. What can I say? It is certainly more popular than the La Liga. Plus, let’s face it – Premier League has more recognizable teams than La Liga. In La Liga, you have 3,4 big teams. On the other hand, the Premier League is full of highly competitive teams – Leicester City certainly proved it during their dream run in the 2015-16 season.

But let us not debate about which league is more famous or competitive. I know that everyone has their opinion and a lot of arguments to support their viewpoint. So, let us focus on the topic which is the Best Kodi Sports Addons. Unfortunately, all is not well in the world of Kodi Sports addons.

Two of the most popular addons Phoenix and Navi-X were shut down completely after countries around the world took action against them. Phoenix was offering more than 100 TV channels. This meant that you could literally watch any type of sports match or any other content you wanted. But no more. It is shut down for good.

However, there is no need to get disappointed. We did a little research and managed to find out other add-ons that can be described as the best Kodi Sports Addons in 2023. They might not be good as Phoenix and Navi-X because they are actually a lot better. Now, without taking any more of your time, let’s take a look at them.

Continue reading to find out what live sports Kodi addons are, if they’re safe and legal, and how to choose the best one. Finally, I’ll go over the top Kodi sports addons.

What are Kodi Sports Addons?

Sports addons on Kodi allow sports fans to see all of the latest and greatest activity for free. Live sports, sports replays, sports channels, live PPV events, you name it—the addons provide access to all types of collections.

You can get the greatest Kodi sports addons and never miss a major sporting event again. Some of the prominent sports content categories featured on such extensions are cricket, football, soccer, racing, rugby, tennis, and wrestling.

Some Kodi sports addons primarily serve as a hub for watching live sports streams and catching up on sports replays, whilst others (like as The Crew) allow users to watch free movies, TV series, and other content.

Best Kodi Sports Addons in 2023

The finest Kodi Sports Addons for streaming sporting events and other live TV channels are listed below.

Centry Sports

It is the most recent Kodi sports addon on this list, and it can be found in the Centry Repository. Centry Sports not only offers a wide range of sports categories, but it also includes hundreds of free live channels!

Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV is a proven channel in the Sports world. It contains lots of fascinating things for sports fans. The user interface is just outstanding. It contains a wide range of categories where the sports content is fully managed. 

Red Bull TV hosts sports content that you can access to your desires. This is an official Kodi addon which means there is nothing to worry about your personal data. With the help of the Kodi Red Bull TV addon, you can watch and access sports like Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Tennis, etc. 

Torque Sports Addon 

Our next pick for the top-rated Sports Addons is Torque. It is an unofficial Kodi addon where you can find categories for online sports and sports replies. Its main focus is on motorsports. So if you are a fan of racing sports then this addon is for you. 

You can find well-organized categories for motorsports and racing such as cars, bikes, live zone, superbikes, supercars, socials, Formula 1, virtual racing, and many more like these. 

BBC iPlayer

The iPlayer WWW is based on the famous BBC 30 channels. It gives you free access to the BBC iPlayer which is a place for a bundle of video content including sports. Every sports lover likes to use BBC channels for watching American football leagues and NFL Super Bowl. Due to the high demand, BBC iPlayer the sports orients addon is available on Kodi and can be used for free live streaming of your desired channels for sports. 

Looking at the BBC, they broadcast content mostly from the UK, but with the help of this addon you can also access it anywhere in the world you want right on your handheld or home screen. It allows you to find international sports events such as NFL, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis, Wrestling, and more like these. 

Sportowa TV

Sportowa TV is a well-known Kodi addon for your sports needs on Kodi. It is a well-managed addon located in the Mbebe repository of Kodi. The addon is famous and can be installed just with the help of few clicks. 

If you are concerned about its offered categories then here you go. It offers sections for Live Sports, Live Looker, TVP sport, Strims World, Sportsbay, and few more like these. It can be installed from the Mbebe Repo. 

The Magic Dragon 

Here comes the unofficial The Magic Dragon as our next pick for the top trending add-ons available for sports on Kodi. Its library contains some stunning collections of categories for your endless sports entertainment. The user interface of this addon is just incredible and simple to navigate. 

It scraps content from the various online resources and lists on its home page. This add-on can be used for watching any sports event online as well as it contains categories for watching highlights of major past sports. 

NBC Sports Live  

Our best pick for best Kodi sports addon in 2020 is NBC Sports Live. For sports lovers and live streaming fans. It is one of the most famous channels for accessing live sports from all around the world. You can watch Soccer, Golf, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Football and plenty of other events like these. 

As it is a famous channel for sports so we have included it in our list of trending Kodi sports addons. You can access it from Kodi and install it into your addons library for free live streaming of your online sports events. It is a stable addon as it is now available for quite a long time. It has some rich content categories and by installing it you will never regret it. Go for it. 

The Crew

Welcome to the Crew Kodi addon introductory section. It is an all in one Kodi addon for finding sports-oriented content. Looking at its content types, it is now the first choice for any user when it comes to selecting an unofficial addon. 

The Crew Kodi addon offers multiple categories for your sports desires. Some of its main and well-known sections include Boxing, WWE, Tennis, Cricket, Football (FIFA etc.) MLB, NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, UFC and many more like these. Looking at its diversity, we personally like it. 


When it comes to any sort of sports and live streaming, we simply can’t ignore ESPN. There is no need to define it further, but as you are looking for sports addons for the first time so we will highlight some of the stunning features of it. In the sports community, ESPN has an edge as they have plenty of channels and platform for highlighting sporting events across the world. 

ESPN was created to give sports events live streaming to certain countries, but with the help of its Kodi addon, you can get access to it from anywhere around the world. You can find its sub-channels in its famous Kodi addon. Have a look at its addon for watching all kinds of sports including Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket, Rugby and many more. 

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports GO might be your destination if you are looking for all-in-one sports Kodi addon. Unlikely other addons this addon requires a VPN if you want to access it from outside the USA. But it is good to go for even if you spend a few cents. By installing it on Kodi, you will have free access to all the channels of Fox network such as FS1, FS2, BTN, Fox itself, and many more like these. 

The Loop

Welcome to The Loop Kodi addon introduction as part of our top trending Kodi sports addons for 2020. This add-on can be found in the famous the Loop Repo. This is one of the top picks for all those Kodi users who want to play sports on their home screens. 

If you look at its sections then you will never get disappointed. Some of its main categories/sections include NHL, NFL zone, NBC Regional sports, Golf, Game Zone Reply, Fan Zone, CBC Regional, and many more like these. 

LiveNet Sports

LiveNet rounds off our selection of Kodi Sports Addons by providing live broadcasts for a variety of sports. This can be found at the LooNatics Asylum Repository.

Sports, News, Entertainment, Music, Kids, Movies, TV, and other categories are available on LiveNet.


This concludes our article for today. We recommend installing at least 2 sports addons. The reason is that even if one gets blocked unexpectedly, you can shift to the second. Even if you do not use it often, you can play around with a little to get to know it.

Imagine the addon going bust or being blocked just when you are about to watch the most important game of the season. Happened to me once. So, this could also happen to you. Unluckily for me, I missed 30 minutes of the game because I could not find an alternate plugin. In short, it is always good to have a backup.

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