Everything You Need to Know About Custom Printed Boxes for Packaging


There is no doubt that a custom printed box is more expensive and a little complicated to manufacture. Almost all the brands are looking for something innovative to ship their products safely and securely. When they use a high-quality box with ethereal graphics, customers will notice them more than before. The multi-colored printing option is more favorable than a plain and dull brown cardboard box. Here is everything that you need to know about custom printed boxes for packaging.

Custom boxes with logos. 

The custom printed boxes with logos are better than other boring packaging designs as they make the brand recognized among customers. It will visually differentiate the products from one another, and among the intense competition, your rivals will lag.

When you print the logo alongside the technical information, customers will feel more relaxed to buy from your brand. Most customers don’t like confusing packaging design, and they want to know what they can expect from your product. Putting up the re-order and supplementing information on the box will help them choose you over the rivals, which will increase the sales. 

It will work like a promotional tool for the brand, and wherever your boxes are seen, the image of the brand will be elevated to a new level. The best thing about custom boxes wholesale is that they protect different sizes of products with high efficiency.

They are manufactured using different materials cardstock, cardboard, corrugated and eco-friendly Kraft. All these materials are durable enough to hold a different type of big and small products. They are water and dust resistant but can withstand other intense conditions too. The stationary selling brands often make use of custom mailers as it is a regular and flexible mailing envelope. It doesn’t contain any special padding inside and is the best choice for flat products like stationary.

Custom printing techniques.

When you select among custom printing techniques, if you have a high-quality box, the options will be plenty. It will depend on what kind of products you are selling or your goals when it comes to promoting the brand among customers. Digital printing is a cost-friendly option, and there are loads of color prints that are visually appealing. It can be directly applied to a corrugated box, and the graphics will look good. Flexographic printing is one of the most basic forms of custom printing. 

You can choose at least three colors for the custom printed shipping boxes while it is an ideal choice for simple graphics, images, and even logos. Lithe laminating is another popular choice among brands and doesn’t take much time and effort either. There are several customization options that you can use, and that will include coatings, foiling, and embossing. You can choose different colors, shapes, and designs to make the experience worthwhile for the customers. It also happens to be the right choice for attracting new customers.

Select the perfect size of custom printed boxes.

Selecting the correct size of custom printed boxes is the most critical factor. It also plays a significant role in shipping, and the costs will come down when you select it wisely. The cubic shipping happens to be one of the most effective when it comes to shipping your products. The prices of cubing will be based on the volume rather than weight.

 You will have to choose a perfect design according to the likes of your targeted audience. The most important thing is to choose a manufacturer that is reliable and knowledgeable enough to guide you throughout the process. If recycled and sustainable kind of packaging suits your brand, you can go for it, but the inks may turn out to be a little expensive. If you don’t select the right size of the box it can damage the product.

Consider the cost and time frame.

If you have selected only one color of printing for the corrugated box, it will be less expensive than the new color addition. The brands need to keep their budget in mind, or else they will land into trouble. As far as the time frame is concerned, most manufacturers take about three to five business days to deliver it to the customers. If the order is exceptionally complicated, it may take a little more than expected time.

The perfect packaging design is like a spokesperson for your brand, and it will improve the customer experience too. When the product delivers safe and secure customers, they are more than delighted to buy from your brand. Good word of mouth can do wonders for your brand and it will increase the sales and revenue too.

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