What is the difference between CMMS and EAM software?

What is the difference between CMMS and EAM software

You want to be assured that you pick the right software when it comes to managing your assets.

Enterprise asset management (EAM) and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) are both asset management systems, and are similar in many ways. The difference between EAM and CMMS depends on their features and uses. Let us have an EAM vs. CMMS comparison, to help you choose the perfect type of software for your organization.


Enterprise asset management (EAM) is the process of managing the lifecycle of physical assets to maximize their use; save money, improve quality and performance, health, safety and the environment. EAM is mostly used in industries that heavily rely on expensive and complex physical assets, such as vehicles, plants and heavy equipment. Prominent users include the oil and gas, shipbuilding, mining, energy, government, utility, and aerospace and defense industries.

What is EAM?

Enterprise asset management software is a computer software that handles every aspect of running a public works or asset-intensive organization. In order to help you make informed decisions, EAM software provides an end-to-end view of funding needs based on asset risk and criticality, as well as equipment, maintenance plans and customer engagement.

EAM Software easily manages, monitors and maintains asset throughout their lifecycle starting from installation to disposal. It is also robust because it handles accounting, finance, human resources and procurement related tasks.


Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a software package which maintains an information computer database about maintenance activities of an organization. 

The CMMS software solution helped companies quickly track work orders, produce reports, improve safety and implement a more effective plan to manage preventive maintenance for their assets and equipment.  The use of a CMMS software solution resulted in expanding asset life cycles, cutting costs, and increasing profit. EcoDocs is a good example of CMMS software which offers all the right tools and techniques to ensure you are ahead of the curve.

What is CMMS?

A CMMS offers several core maintenance functions. It is not limited to manufacturing but extends to facilities, utilities, fleet, hospitals, sports arenas and more where any kind of equipment/assets are subject to repair and require maintenance. 

With advanced technology and increased competition, growing numbers of businesses are moving to CMMS instead of using traditional methods to track and organize data. It is a software solution that allows maintenance organizers, operations managers, and other workers to record, manage and communicate their daily operations.

CMMS is an essential part of any modern maintenance organization, although it is used by a wide range of other organizations that carry out maintenance activities on-site. CMMS companies such as EcoDocs offer automated solutions that enable the business and the people in it to plan, execute and monitor preventive maintenance effectively.

Benefits of a CMMS:

  • Control costs: Managing your inventory with a CMMS will help you control overspending on inventory, avoid expensive scraping and rework, save on energy costs by keeping equipment in good shape, and improve asset uptime, all while keeping track of maintenance costs so you know how well your budget is being spent.
  • Reduce downtime: A CMMS offers facilities a chance to cut downtime by making it easier to overcome backlog, improve asset reliability, plan preventive maintenance, and simplify repairs. All of this helps to keep assets healthier and to ensure that downtime at its root is eliminated.
  • Increase efficiency: CMMS software helps you to minimize inefficiencies through the optimization of preventive maintenance plans, the automation of work orders, standardizing PMs, and enhancement of accessing maintenance resources. Work can be done quicker, your budget will be maximized, and resources will never feel exhausted.
  • Centralize information: CMMS software can help you access maintenance metrics, KPI reports, real-time work order updates, and asset history on your fingertips, so you’re never without the information you need to upgrade your maintenance program. Workers can easily perform the maintenance tasks from anywhere through Ecodocs CMMS.

Benefits of an EAMS:

  • Reduce the production downtime: It is very effective to reduce the production downtime caused by a number of failure machines or devices. You can immediately find the real problems in your production process. That means you can effectively improve your business performance. The asset management system can also boost your employees’ productivity. 
  • Schedule the maintenance procedure: All devices, units, or machines should be maintained properly. To retain their efficiency, the workers need to have regular maintenance procedures. By utilizing this scheduling feature, you can cut overtime maintenance, labor costs and other unnecessary costs.
  • Manage your asset completely: You are able to manage all of your assets completely by using EAM. This will give you an estimate of the total properties, products, equipment, or devices available in your office or manufacturing area in real time.
  • Easy-to-use interface: This is yet another reason of this software being very popular today. It comes with a user-friendly interface that can be easily used by your employees. This means that you can cut back the training costs that you need to have for your employees. 

Which one should you choose for your business?

Enterprise Asset Management can be the best option if your business has several locations and has several properties. EAM software is one of the market tools that combines powerful upkeep and asset management capabilities with cutting-edge highlights to track and evaluate cost of life cycles. 

For Small business, the computerized maintenance management system is more than fit for taking care of the upkeep management requirements, and even the MRO (Maintenance, Repairing, and Operation). CMMS can therefore be the best option if you’ve a small-scaled business.

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