eCommerce SEO Guide: How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic in 2020?

ecommerce seo guide

2020 has been a year very different from others. With the enforced lockdowns, people have resorted to more online shopping than ever. 

This may have had an overall negative effect on the economy, but the eCommerce platforms have been able to get a fair share of the business

There is, of course, competition, and all platforms want to implement eCommerce SEO strategies to get a bigger share. 

So, if you also want to get ahead of your competitors, you can get an SEO company in India to consult and guide you to success. 

The following information can also help you in generating some organic traffic to your platform:

What Is SEO?

Search engines aim to answer the queries posed by users efficiently and effectively. For this, they need to provide users with links to websites, which can best answer their questions. 

The results in Google are ranked based on this expertise of the website. The websites, in turn, need to make it apparent to the search engine that they can provide the answer to that. When they do so, they improve their ranking for specific queries.

How Does SEO Help?

SEO gives the highest ROI, but if a business does not realize its value, it ends up using more social media and paid advertising. 

SEO requires constant and consistent effort but does not cost much, while the other modes require constant investment as well. The result of good SEO is more traffic and hence greater conversion to sale.

Essential Components for eCommerce SEO

There are several stages that you will need to go through to build your ranking in the SERPs.

  • Keyword Search to Get the Best Keywords to Connect Your Website to the Users

If you have an answer to the users’ queries, you must ensure that the content includes the keywords that are a part of the query. 

Since you may not be able to include all the keywords, you need to research and find the ones that could be most beneficial for you. 

For successful SEO, avoid the ones that are hard to rank for and also those that will not get you much traffic. 

Since keyword search is the most basic step of SEO, you must take the best seo services and hire an SEO company in India.

  • On-Page SEO Using Meta-Tags and Content Development

Your content is the most important part of your website, and it must be of excellent quality. Its key features include relevance, uniqueness, and easy comprehension. 

This, along with the usage of keywords in the content and metatags in the various sections of the webpage, can make it easier to get Google to find your website effectively.

  • Content Marketing to Get More Visitors Organically

Once the content has been published, it must be used effectively for marketing. The most popular types of content include blogs, articles, advertisements, and videos. 

These work to address the defined target segment and draw their attention to your products and services.

For eCommerce websites, content must include product descriptions and reviews. Comparisons with competitor products help the users to get a better idea of the standing of your product.

  • Technical SEO to Help the Search Engines to Crawl Efficiently

The technical aspect of the website is very important for search engines. They care about speed, user experience, links that work, and its suitability for different interfaces. Look for any problems related to these and fix them for better results.

  • Website Layout to Make It Effective

The website, while incorporating relevant content, must be attractive enough for the consumers, should satisfy their needs and leave them with a good experience. If the website is slow, irrelevant, or unattractive, a potential lead could be lost.

  • Link Building to Help Enhance Its Authority

Getting other websites and bloggers to provide a link to your website is another important part of the SEO strategy. 

This kind of relationship allows their customers and followers to reach out to you when looking for a service in the relevant category

  • Local SEO to Help Your Brick and Mortar Business, If Any

If you also do business through a physical entity, you must not ignore its presence and promote it through SEO, along with your E-platform. 

This can be done by employing local SEO, where all the details of the business should be available for people to locate you locally.

While taking all these steps to improve your ranking in the search engines, you must also keep monitoring the results using various analytical tools. This will help enable you to change the strategy well in time effectively.

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