9 Useful Tech Gadgets Ideal for Dealing with Work-from-Home


Amidst the global pandemic, work has been taken home. The majority of working sectors are now choosing to Work-from-Home which was not quite the case earlier. Mostly IT and digital marketing companies are implementing Work-from-Home to enforce safety and social distancing. 

That being said, Work-from-Home sounds like an ideal compromise as we don’t have to worry about traveling back and forth. However, Work-from-Home cannot become a hassle under any circumstances.

Concerning that, Work-from-Home requires a set of tech gadgets without which working can become difficult. So, one might ask what are these tech gadgets that are ideal for Work-from-Home. 

Well, we’ve planned out a list of useful technology-based gadgets to keep your work from the environment running smoothly!

Top Tech Gadgets to Keep Work-from-Home Steady

Choosing tech gadgets for Work-from-Home can be confusing. But, not if you go through the list of what’s mentioned below. Gear up your performance with these top tech gadgets and if you face any hassle then you can always refer to top-notched service providers for mobile or computer or printer repair Dubai.

1. Desktop/Laptop 

When we speak about Work-from-Home, it is needless to say that this one tops the list and is a mandatory item, to begin with. You need a good set of laptop or desktop with moderate features to Work-from-Home. 

While you’re at it, make sure your system has an i2 or i3 processor with a minimum of 4GB RAM. This is necessary since you will be working on a stretch for a couple of hours and you’d want to achieve the perfect performance and speed during those hours. 

2. WiFi Router 

When you will Work-from-Home, you will require a network connection using a WiFi Router. If you don’t already have it, then install a WiFi setup that produces a good internet connection with high bandwidth. To keep your network connection secure, install Firewall or Virtual Private Network to establish a remote connection for maximum security against cyber attacks. 

3. Fold-able Laptop Stand 

There are many scenarios where we don’t usually have a laptop setup station for work. Despite the effort, we may lack one or two things. For instance, the height of the table and chair may differ and make the sitting position uncomfortable. As a result, you may end up having back pain and a bent spine. 

However, a foldable laptop stand can solve the problem. Be it on the couch or bed, the stand will hold the laptop with adjustable height and a tray to place the mouse. It’s ideal for the times when you are tired of sitting in one place for too long. 

4. Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are very helpful to survive Work-from-Home. Since we’re at home all day, we tend to move from one place to another, be it from work to the kitchen or from the bedroom to the living room. Either way, a  Bluetooth headset gives you the comfort of listening to your music or being on an important work call without worrying about carrying your device everywhere. 

5. External Hard Disk Drive 

Work-from-Home implies that you work at home and you are given a set of responsibilities to ensure safety and security to data. Keeping information stored on your desktop or laptop may not always be a good idea. You may end up accidentally deleting files even without your notice. 

But, getting an external hard disk drive, you rule out the chances. By storing your data in an external drive, it stays safe and secure. Expandable memory is also useful for storing additional files in case your system runs out of space. 

6. Smart Speaker

The world of technology keeps expanding and one such useful addition to the house is a Smart Speaker which gives you the ease of running your house during Work-from-Home. Let’s consider an example. 

Suppose, you are on a conference video call with your clients when you realize you’ve forgotten to turn off the lights in the living room. By speaking to a Smart Speaker,  you can assist it to do it for you. Connecting your household appliances with a Smart Speaker helps get things done without you doing anything or moving your position. 

7. Webcam

When you are working from Home, a webcam is also an important necessity. The majority of the times you may end up having video conference calls that are unavoidable. So, make sure you have a proper webcam with moderate resolution and quality. However, in case you don’t have a webcam or if it’s faulty then you can simply research and buy a compatible one on an online platform. 

8. Security Camera

If you live alone in the house then a security camera will benefit you during Work-from-Home. But, even if you don’t live alone, a security camera is still a must-have. You can keep track of things from a distance. 

If you’re piled with work and have no clue what’s going on outside in the living room or the backyard, then the security camera will give you a detailed idea of what’s happening. Get security cameras installed in your house, living room, front porch, back door, and other additional rooms so that you can work and also keep a track. 

9. Powercube

If you have too many setups in your house then you probably understand the hassle of wires tangling. This can be potentially dangerous as you may end up mixing up the wires and damaging them. A Powercube is a cube-like electronic gadget that can provide power to many sources. It acts like a multi-power supplier. 


Similarly, the use of a printer makes Work-from-Home much easier. It gives you ease to print your important data, scan them, or even copy. And, if you face issues with it, refer to printer repair Dubai for more help. Work-from-Home can become a hassle if not implemented right. Use these tech gadgets to make Work-from-Home much easier!

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