Top 9 e-commerce websites in the UK

UK Top E-Commerce Websites


The UK has some of the most incredible shopping scenes in the world, and thanks to increased globalization, you can easily reach these stores with only a few clicks. In the past 12 months, 97% of UK adults aged 16 to 34 have shopped online, according to the Office for National Statistics. Due to its early foray into e-commerce, the UK has long benefited from an online shopping culture, stimulating innovation in e-commerce and high-tech adoption among consumers and businesses.

The UK’s most well-known top eCommerce websites are listed below; some were founded in other countries, while others have expanded over state and national borders.

The top 10 e-commerce stores in the United Kingdom


Site Unique Quality
ASOS Interactive, image-driven mega menu for quick browsing.
Amazon Offers Disney and Harry Potter merchandise from Primark.
Marks & Spencer Sells upscale culinary items and has expanded into Europe and Asia.
eBay Allows buying and selling in nearly all legal categories.
Argos Partners with top brands and draws a diverse clientele.
Tesco A 3,400-store supermarket chain with a wide range of offerings.
Asda Stores Company Offers various products, including food, clothing, and financial services.
Currys Specializes in computers, electronics, and technology/consumer electronics.
Gumtree The first website in the UK to offer free classified advertisements.


A British internet retailer of cosmetics and clothing is called ASOS. The company was established in 2000, focusing on young adults in London. As one of the first significant eCommerce companies in the UK, Asos has grown to be a global choice for fashion eCommerce, coming in at number five in the lifestyle/fashion and clothing category.


It seems to make sense that discounts take centre stage on ASOS’s homepage, given that sales and discounts are an essential component of their marketing strategy! Our favourite feature is the interactive, image-driven mega menu, which receives about 33.75 million visits each month nationwide and allows customers to browse through thousands of products swiftly. 

Link: ASOS

2. Amazon

Amazon is a multinational technology corporation based in the United States specialising in digital streaming, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, online advertising, and e-commerce. Amazon started as an online bookstore in 1994 and, four years later, became an online retailer in 1998. Also, Amazon EU Sàrl is the owner and operator of, accessible to customers in the United Kingdom. Products from a variety of categories, including “Electronics and media,” “Toys, hobbies, and DIY,” and “Furniture and Devices,” are available.


Disney and Harry Potter merchandise from Primark has been the most exciting addition to Amazon. Because of their low prices, Primark is a UK-based firm that does not offer shipping. However, as of autumn 2019, Amazon started selling a few of its products. Enter “Primark” into the UK website’s search bar to locate these products. It’s also important to note that the UK edition of Amazon is worth checking out as it offers access to nearly everything exclusively available for physical purchase in stores.

Link: Amazon

3. Marks & Spencer

Founded in 1884, Marks and Spencer is a prominent global retailer based in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Its headquarters are located in Paddington, London. Its product categories include apparel, cosmetics, household goods, and food. With around 40.6 million monthly visits, it is a component of the FTSE 100 Index and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


Reputable retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) specializes in selling clothing, housewares, and upscale culinary items. Marks & Spencer was very well known in the UK and Ireland. To continue expanding, M&S has opened physical locations in Europe and Asia, besides conducting online sales via its website and collaborating with German e-commerce giant Zalando.

Link: Marks and Spencer

4. eBay

eBay is a worldwide e-commerce corporation established in San Jose, California, that offers its website to facilitate sales between businesses and consumers. Pierre Omidyar launched eBay in 1995, and it quickly rose to prominence. It allows customers to purchase and sell goods online under nearly all legal categories.


eBay now operates in over 20 countries, including the United Kingdom. It arranges various products there, including commercial and industrial goods, fashion, home, sports, automobiles and vehicles. Handmade, vintage, and unique things are also available.

Link: eBay

5. Argos

Acquired by Sainsbury’s supermarket chain in 2016, Argos Limited is a British catalogue retailer that operates in the United Kingdom and previously in the Republic of Ireland. It was founded in November 1972 and bears the name Argos, after the Greek city.


Argos has over 60,000 in-store and online products, ranging from toys, apparel, electronics, appliances, jewellery, gardening equipment, and more. It receives 13.44 million visits per month. They partner with top companies such as Bose, Beats, Dyson, LEGO, Nespresso, and Samsung, and they draw a diverse clientele from a broad spectrum of demographics.

Link: Argos

6. Tesco

Tesco is a worldwide grocery and general merchandise retailer based in Welwyn Garden City, England, with operations throughout the United Kingdom. Regarding gross revenues in 2011, it was third globally; however, it was ranked ninth when it came to payments. Besides grocery, Tesco has diversified into clothes, banking, telecommunications, and other areas, positioning itself as a contender in numerous categories and drawing clientele from a broad range of demographics.


This top eCommerce website in the UK is a 3,400-store supermarket chain ranked third in the eCommerce category for grocery and food/drinks categories. However, it is currently placed sixth overall. In addition, Tesco has expanded into other industries, including banking, apparel, and telecoms. It is one of the leading e-commerce websites in the UK, drawing customers from all walks of life and generating competition in many industries.

Link: Tesco

7. Asda Stores Company

British supermarket chain Asda Stores Limited is called ASDA and trades under Asda. Its main office is in Leeds, England. When the Asquith family combined their retail operation with the Yorkshire-based Associated Dairies company, the company was established in 1949.


Although they sell various products, they are ranked highest—at number two—in the food and drink/grocery category. Except for its stores, where Asda sells a wide range of other products, including clothing and home goods, besides food. This UK-based eCommerce website is an excellent resource for families as it offers all the necessary items in one handy location. In addition, Asda offers mobile phone and financial services, which may be accessed online through its e-commerce platform.

Link: ASDA

8. Currys 

Currys is an electrical retailer focusing on white goods, consumer electronics, computers, and mobile phones. It operates in the United Kingdom and Ireland and offers aftercare services. Originally a computer store, Currys PC World has expanded to become one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the UK. They provide free home delivery, online reservations, and in-store pickup for their retail and online stores. They are ranked eighth in this area and specialize in computers, electronics, and technology/consumer electronics.


The websites best equipped to serve all categories and demographics will continue to draw on customers’ spending as the e-commerce industry grows and individuals who have not shopped shift to online shopping. This covers websites selling goods via affiliate marketing or developing their product lines.

Link: Currys

9. Gumtree

At Hotham House, Richmond, London, Gumtree, sometimes known as Gumtree, is a British online classified advertisement and community website. Classified advertisements can be purchased or given out for free based on the product type and region. Currently, Gumtree remains the top classifieds website in the UK, with one in three people using it monthly. 


Gumtree was the first website in the UK to offer free classified advertisements. Users could buy and sell anything from automobiles to houses and discover jobs and other services on this platform. It transformed online markets and became the preferred medium for various exchanges and transactions.

Link: Gumtree

Wrap Up

With 97% of adults shopping online in the previous year, the UK has a robust online shopping culture. ASOS, Amazon, Marks & Spencer, eBay, Argos, Tesco, Asda Stores Company, Currys, and Gumtree are among the leading eCommerce websites in the United Kingdom. Department stores, specialized shops, and marketplaces comprise a well-balanced group of the top e-commerce companies in the United Kingdom. We can expect that many of these websites will prosper as digital retail continues to develop. Who will be on the list in the upcoming years is still to be determined.

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