Top 10 Sites for Online Shopping in Pakistan

Pakistan Top E-commerce Sites


Since 3G and 4G networks were introduced in Pakistan, the e-commerce site market has expanded quickly. In the last few years, e-commerce has drawn millions of customers. In Pakistan, bazaars are no longer the only places to buy and sell goods. Customers visit online stores daily, and many e-commerce websites provide these services. 

The number of new online retailers in Pakistan is growing daily; in this article, we’ll talk about the ten most reputable ones, so let’s start with Daraz.

The top 10 e-commerce stores in Pakistan


Site Unique Quality
Daraz Industry leader with commission-based strategy
iShopping Wide range of high-tech and fashion products
ShopHive Offers a dedicated section for corporate sectors
HomeShopping Enormous selection of smartphones and electronics
Telemart Over 150,000 products with gold-plated items
Symbios Focus on selling Chinese devices and accessories
OLX Facilitates buying and selling of used goods
Best Buy Mall Connects vendors with a wide online audience
Mega Limited Excellent items and customer service
Alibaba Group Multinational platform supporting small businesses

1. Daraz

The top website on the list is Daraz, the industry leader in Pakistani e-commerce. Daraz has a commission-based business strategy, charging its sellers a commission based on the category to which their product belongs. It is a coordinating body collaborating with South and Southeast Asian commercial sectors. The company was founded in 2012 by Muneeb Maayr and Fares Shah as a virtual design web-based enterprise commercial centre. To make it simple and convenient for its clients to order things via their cell phones, Daraz also offers iOS and Android apps. As one of Pakistan’s most significant online shopping applications, it often offers its consumers discounts and promotional deals. 

Site link: Daraz

2. is an online shopping portal for Pakistan that launched in 2011. It sells a range of well-known merchandise brands, including high-tech and cutting-edge items in fashion, technology, home appliances, and cosmetics. The website’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for users to browse products and rapidly complete purchases. For the convenience of its customers, also provides cash on delivery, online payment alternatives, and a seven-day return policy. Along with technological devices, it also sells media players, wearable technology, home theatre systems, video game consoles, cellphones, tablets, cosmetics, and fashion items for men, women, and children.

Site link: iShopping

3. ShopHive 

Among the first e-commerce sites in Pakistan, ShopHive has been a part of the e-commerce ecosystem since 2006, when just a tiny percentage of Pakistanis were online shoppers. It stores various goods, including merchandise, health and cosmetics, mobile devices, and household equipment.  The store delivers branded phones, watches, laptops, and other items from well-known companies to Pakistani customers’ doorsteps. Additionally, they provide distinct consideration to clients and possible business associates. For instance, they now assist business owners with their procurement needs by having a separate area dedicated to different corporate sectors. 

Site link: ShopHive

4. Homeshopping

One of the few online retailers in Pakistan offering an enormous selection of smartphones, smart devices, and electronics is You can narrow your search results by brand, price range, condition, and other categories like fashion, electronics, kitchen & home, health & beauty, and more. It is renowned for providing dependable customer service and reasonable costs. In addition to its emphasis on providing high-quality gadgets, it offers other appealing categories like baby toys, fashion, mobile accessories, books and stationery, and stationery. There is a dedicated section on hotels in Pakistan’s major cities for those who enjoy travel and tourism. With only 886,670 monthly views, it only manages fourth place in the rankings. should have done much better with some marketing and brand promotion, given its time in the industry and respectable customer base.


Additionally, customers can shop confidently, knowing they will receive high-quality products with a 7-day replacement guarantee. Additionally, the website provides a one-year fixed warranty for the products. The value-beating technique is another aspect of this online shopping gateway that shares value.

Site link: HomeShopping

5. Telemart

One of the online e-commerce platforms with the fastest and most rapid growth is Telemart. This platform’s official website enjoys high traffic and reach. But a recurring problem for this platform is that the devices they offer aren’t PTA-registered or -verified. In its store, Telemart offers over 150,000 goods. Its sale of gold-plated items is another factor in its inclusion on the list of shopping sites. Among them, iPhones with gold plating are the most well-known. They also give their customers a free discount card or app to make shopping easier.


For over 27 years, Telemart has provided excellent customer support and a fantastic online buying experience. Telemart’s exceptional customer service, prompt and dependable delivery, and exclusive customer discounts and promotions are its unique selling factors.

Site link: Telemart

6. Symbios

Since 2006, when a small percentage of Pakistani consumers still shopped online, Symbios has been a well-known B2B e-commerce platform. It was made to offer inventive and mechanically distinctive phone accessories. Its products have successfully transformed Pakistan’s online buying experience, and it is renowned for negotiating anything from delivery to your request.  One of the safest places to purchase Chinese devices and accessories online, it offers a wide range of electronic goods, including PCs, office supplies, watches, laptops, cell phones, and much more. It also sells clothing and cosmetics for both sexes.


The store takes pride in offering items from global brands, like watches, laptops, phones, and PCs from Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and other companies, to the local market. Electronic gadgets come in a unique range for both home and business users. A vast selection of TVs, home theatre systems, gaming PCs, and video games are available for browsing.

Site link: Symbios

7. OLX

The Amsterdam-based OLX Group is an online marketplace with Dutch legal status. Online eXchange was the original name of the OLX consumer brand in 2006. Although its primary function is to facilitate the purchasing and selling used goods, also features a section dedicated to new products. This makes it an excellent choice for people searching for uncommon or difficult-to-find products at a reduced cost. OLX is an online marketplace for buying and selling locally. There is a large assortment of goods, including books, furniture, and clothing. This website offers 24/7 services. It has a browsing feature makes it simple to look for the necessary item. You may quickly buy new items and sell your old stuff with OLX. 


Mobile phones, vehicles, motorcycles, electronics, and various other fashion-related items are all for sale. Using OLX, you may quickly discover a flat, hotel room or guest house accommodation.

Site link: OLX

8. Best Buy

The American international consumer electronics retailer Best Buy Co. Inc.’s corporate headquarters are in Richfield, Minnesota. An online marketplace called Best Buy Mall enables vendors to market their products to consumers. The portal sells a range of commodities, such as household goods, appliances, and electronics.  Contacting many online buyers is one of the main benefits of using Best Buy Mall as a selling platform. Selling at Best Buy Mall may help it reach a wider audience and boost sales.


A vast array of goods are available at Best Buy Mall, including electronics, pharmaceuticals, books, clothes, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, and groceries like bread, meat, and vegetables, in addition to other everyday necessities. Best Buy Mall is the most excellent location to shop online in Pakistan. 

Site link: Best Buy

9. Mega Limited

MEGA Limited is an Auckland, New Zealand-based firm that provides file hosting services. The service is provided via mobile apps for iOS and Android and web-based apps. In Pakistan, Mega has been a well-known e-commerce platform since 2004. It offers a wide range of goods, including electronics and home furnishings. The website is well known for its excellent items and customer service.


Despite being nearly as old as ShopHive, Mega only receives 396,670 monthly views and ranks ninth due to inadequate promotion. According to traffic statistics, Mega isn’t even attempting to broaden its reach. There is hardly any advertising, social media presence, email newsletters, or referrals. Few individuals visit the website directly. They exclusively offer cash-on-delivery (COD) in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. If you are not in Pakistan, you can still place an order. They have been selling brand-new desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other devices since 2008.

Site link: MEGA Limited

10. Alibaba Group

Alibaba, also known as Alibaba Group Holding Limited, is a multinational technology firm based in China that specializes in technology, e-commerce, and retail. Due to its multilingual nature, non-English speaking users and suppliers now find it simple to transact business online. Supporting small companies was and still is the primary objective of this website. Without a doubt, it is among Pakistan’s best e-commerce sites. It’s a leading e-commerce platform and retail business in Pakistan. Numerous services exist, including Consumer-to-Consumer, Business-to-Business, and Business-to-Consumer. 

Site link: Alibaba

Wrap Up

Numerous platforms include OLX, Best Buy Mall, Mega Limited, Alibaba Group, ShopHive, and,, Symbios, and iShopping dominate Pakistan’s e-commerce market. Popular online retailer sells various high-tech products, such as makeup, home appliances, technology, fashion, and appliances. Every website offers features, services, and unique selling propositions to attract visitors. Despite the intense competition among these websites, consumers eventually gain from greater ease and superior options. As Pakistan’s digital terrain advances, these e-commerce behemoths will assume a more consequential part in the nation’s economic expansion and advancement.


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