How to Stream Soap2Day Using Chromecast iPhone, Android, PC

How to Stream Soap2Day Using Chromecast Smart TV

Online streaming is a popular activity in the modern era of technology. Multiple tools enable you to stream; one such tool is Soap2day. It is a free platform to find live TV channels, live stream your favorite games, and watch movies, TV shows, programs, and other content. 

If you have Soap2day, you don’t need to create a user account; you only need to install it and start streaming without passing the registration process. For Chromecast users, Soap2day is a blessing. Users can connect to smart TV by clicking Chromecast to it.

Soap2day is compatible with bigger screen sizes and does not compromise the quality of the stream. You can enable big-screen videos with the help of a Chromecast device. Now you can Chromecast the Soap2day using Android, iPhone, macOS, or Windows PC.  

Features of Soap2day for Chromecast Connected TV

Some of the key features of Soap2day platform are;

  1. Soap2day allows you to watch videos on larger TV screens.
  2. Enjoy streaming your favorite content for free without registration
  3. No unwanted ads

Here comes the turn of using Soap2day on various devices, and here we are starting with iPhone. 

How to Chromecast Soap2day from iPhone Devices 

You need to use the Replica app from the Apple App Store to mirror the iPhone to do so;

  1. Open Replica App on your iPhone
  2. Click on the Chromecast device name from the app’s main screen
  3. Click on the Start button shown below the Chromecast device name
  4. Click “Start Broadcast”  to display iPhone content on Chromecast-connected smart TV. 

How to Chromecast Soap2day from Android Phone 

  1. Open a browser on an Android device.
  2. Open the Soap2day website.
  3. Login to your Soap2day account
  4. Open Notification Panel. Locate the Cast icon and click on it
  5. Select the name of your Chromecast device on your Android
  6. After selecting the Chromecast, you will be able to connect Android to Chromecast connected smart TV

How to Cast Soap2day on Chromecast from Windows PC 

  1. Open the browser from your PC and visit the Soap2day website
  2. Play a video on the website and click on the three dots on the Chrome browser.
  3. Click on “Cast” and then on your Chromecast device name
  4. From the “Sources” dropdown menu, click on the “Cast tab.”
  5. The video will appear on your Chromecast device being played on your computer/PC.
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