Latest Android Puzzle Games That Will Make You Crazy

Android Puzzle Games

The touch screens of smartphones are providing the best opportunities for the developers to develop the puzzle games. A video puzzle game is a game that emphasizes puzzle-solving. By playing puzzle games, the players can enhance various skills like logic, pattern recognition, and word completion, etc.

Our android devices are the best devices for playing puzzle games. Its reason is that these android devices are handy and it is also easy for us to carry these devices. Therefore, you can easily play these puzzle games when you are free. Lots of android puzzle games are available on the internet. Here, we will discuss the latest android puzzle games that will make you crazy.

Bridge Constructor Portal:

It is one of the best android puzzle games that will make you crazy. This is the best puzzle game between the Bridge Constructor and Portal. The main focus of this game is on the construction of the Bridge mechanics. The players have to build the bridges at different levels. The Portal mechanics of this puzzle game make it difficult for the players. There are 60 levels in this game. If you want to enjoy this game, you will have to be crazy.

This puzzle is freely available on the Google Play Store. If you want to play this game freely, you will have to face the problems of in-app purchases and ads. If you don’t want to see in-app purchases and ads, you will have to pay $4.99.


This is an intellectual based puzzle video game for android users. This puzzle game has everything that you need for brain training. That’s why this game will also make you crazy. By playing this game, the players can easily improve attentiveness, speed, and sense of perception. It means that while playing this puzzle game, you will not get bored. Either you are a child or an adult, you can play this game.

The main thing that will make you crazy about this game is that it has a variety of tasks and puzzles. To complete these tasks and puzzles, you will have to utilize your certain skills. There are more than 363,000 downloads of this game. The customer rating of this puzzle game on the Google Play Store is 4.6. This game is allowing the players to play this game in a circle of friends.


It is also an essential puzzle game for android users. By playing this puzzle game, you can improve your problem-solving skills and this is also the best game to sharpen your memory. This puzzle game is suitable for all the ages of the people. While playing this game, the players can also track their progress. This game provides you with an opportunity to play with online friends.

After playing with online friends, you can see the results of your progress. This game is a package of more than 30 games. It means that you can suffice the requirements of the puzzle games just within a single game. You can play this game offline. It means that you can play this game at any place and at any time without the tension of the internet connection. If you use its Peak Pro option, you will get brain training exercises from this game.


As told by experts of a dissertation help firm, this is a scientifically researched video game. You can use this game to improve your cognitive skills. This is also the best game to improve your IQ level. The attractive and unique features of this game make you crazy to play this game. This is also the best game to control the functionality of your brain. The developed programs of this puzzle game are allowing players to combine their minds and brain.

Without combining their mind and brain, they can’t get success. Like Peak, this game is also a combination of 24 different games. There are almost 700 levels in these games. If you want to complete these levels, you will have to be crazy about this game. The developers have made impressive use of math, logic, and concentration during the development of this game.

Mini Metro:

It is an award-winning puzzle game. This puzzle game is steeped with lots of puzzle elements. While playing this game, you will have to draw up the subway lines. These subway lines are helpful to you to connect the various stations to expand the city. The drawing up the process of the subway lines will make you crazy. Its reason is that during this process, you will have to use your cognitive skills.

Its reason is that you will have to make sure that you are drawing up these subway lines in such a way that passengers will arrive at their stations promptly. If you fail to draw these stations, you will have to re-draw these subway lines. The developers of this game have created lots of features in this game. The most important feature of this game is its responsive soundtrack. While playing, you will fall in love with this game.


This is one of the best puzzle games for android users. Its reason is that this game has been developed based on the thirty years of research about the brain development program. The craziest thing about this game is that it is a pack of twenty-nine brain games. These twenty-nine brain games are providing different challenges to the players at each level.

It means that after each level, you will have to face a different challenge at the next level. During these levels, you will have to perform different exercises. These different exercises will be helpful to you to improve your memory, speed, and attention. You can also play this game daily. It means that you will have to come with new challenges each day. In each level, you will preserve the new score.

After preserving the new score, you can also compare this score with the previous one. According to the developers of this game, you just need to spend only five minutes a day playing this game. After spending five minutes a day playing this game, you will observe plenty of changes in your personality.

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