Recommended Apps to have on your phone

Many technologies in your phone help you a lot in your daily life uses as the alarm that wake up you at the time you want, for contacting anyone with the help of message or phone call accessibility for daily use calculations using the calculator, and many more other apps which are helpful.

There are many apps available in the android market but which one is the best. I have written about some useful apps that enhance your phone productivity.

1. Water Resistance Tester

This is a very simple application, its features can help to save your phone from great water damage.

Barometer is present in the phone can save phone easily to manage pressure when user press phone fastly on screen.

By using this application minimal resistance can be suffered by the phone.

Measure pressure changes
Free of cost

2. Stocker-cryptocurrency, stocks, portfolio management

Stocker is the best all in one portfolio management in which you can add at the same time cryptocurrencies Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, Taiwan stocks, British stocks, Australian stocks, Taiwan stocks, Japanese stocks.

You must download this app because of its great features and for improving the productivity of your phone mentioned below;
This app contains one of the best indicators buffet, panic index

  • Measurement model, growth model, cash flow model
  • Comparison of income with market
  • Profit chart
  • Instant news

The best point is that you can use the Hong Kong dollar, Taiwan dollar, US dollars, British pounds, Chinese Yuan as a display currency.

3. Ritual FIT: 30 Minutes Fitness

Wants to stay healthy and no GYM equipment is available no need to worry because one of the best apps is available here.

Optimize your exercise with high-quality audio coaching just in this cool app. Start working out today for free with this fresh personalized 30 minute workout for proper fitness and a healthy body.

It is just like you have are having your trainer. It has an extensive movement library that is fully guided.

If you have no GYM equipment no problem you can download this app.


Different photo editing apps are recommended for the new user of the phone, SKRWT allows different effects and filters to improve the look and feel of the picture.

This app offers no makeup and sticker effect. There are some tools and features to correct distortion and improve the quality of the image.

Features available in this application are given below:

  • Rotate & Flip
  • Easy to use
  • Correction of distortion

5. Pin Pull Rescue Puzzle Game

This game is designed for kids as well as for youngsters. It is a very helpful game in increasing your IQ level by solving puzzles and in which you rescue the princess and overcome all the hurdles.

Pin pull game contains unique levels and after passing each level game becomes more interesting and challenging and you get rid of boredom.

I love this game because of its interesting character color scheme used in and the sound is so good you might play other games but it is too good.

The plus points are that you do even not feel irritated by watching ads because they were informative and entertaining, your phone productivity also becomes reliable by solving puzzles and it is also ad sense approved.


All these apps I recommended are too good to use with useful features which make the productivity of your phone good.

Every app has unique features like a pin pull rescue game that have interesting puzzles and levels and graphics in it.

Stockers helped manage your portfolio and investment that turns out in great profit.
Ritual fit helps in your daily workout without any investment and it’s free and a complete guide.