Ford adds 1965-style instruments to all current Mustangs

1965 Mustang gauge update

Ford unveiled the 60th Anniversary Edition and disclosed a little surprise for all current-generation Mustang owners. Ford is adding a new custom gauge option for the digital instrument cluster that mimics the gauges of the 1965 original through over-the-air updates.

With its skeuomorphic design, the new instrument panel mimics the original’s dual circular speedometer and tachometer right down to the small typeface, red needles, and chrome ring and needle centers. However, only the tachometer and speedometer have a retro aesthetic; the fuel gauge, center information area, and coolant temperature have more contemporary designs. To make them match, however, they will continue to use the same color palette as the vintage artwork.

The original gauges, physical gauges from when manufacturers were still inclined to produce elaborate instruments, have a ton of depth and dimension.

Additionally, Ford has released a second retro gauge cluster for the current generation Mustang. At its introduction, the vehicle was equipped with gauges inspired by the Fox Body Mustangs of the later models, even down to the light green color used for “illuminated” readings.

Regardless of engine or trim level, every current-generation Mustang can get the upgrade for free. Wireless addition will be possible starting today. Additionally, it is a creative approach to involve more Mustang owners in the historical commemoration of the car.

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