Toyota Prius was Recalled for rear Doors that could pop open

Toyota Prius rear door recall

Toyota has announced the recall of 211,000 Toyota Prius cars (conventional hybrid and Prime PHEV) from 2023 to 2024 worldwide. In the United States, the recall affects around 55,000 vehicles. Moreover, this is all for back doors that may open suddenly.

The latest Prius has electronic door latches, which help to disguise the rear handles around the windows for a more streamlined appearance. It is also not the first automobile to have electronic door handles, with the C6 Corvette serving as a precursor. However, on recalled Prius vehicles, water appears to leak into the electronic door latch, short-circuiting the switch and allowing the door to open.

The solution is straightforward. Owners can bring their vehicles to a Toyota dealer to have updated latch mechanisms installed. The repair will, of course, be free. Beginning in June, Toyota will mail notifications to impacted Prius owners. Owners seeking additional information should contact Toyota’s customer support line at 1-800-331-4331 or visit or

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