Join Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo Without Owning a Bronco

Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo Experience

One of the advantages of purchasing a new Ford Bronco is the free Off-Roadeo programme, a 10-hour off-road school for new owners. But, until today, that was the only way to join in on the fun. Ford has opened three venues with abbreviated programs enabling non-owners to experience off-roading and the large Bronco SUV.


The revised schedule is four hours shorter than the original but is identical to the original. Participants get to drive the large Bronco in famous off-road places with trail specialists guiding them, as well as access to the central base camp locations and amenities like refreshments. Another significant distinction is that Ford furnishes the Bronco for off-roading rather than participants using their newly purchased SUV.


While participants may not have their own Bronco for this event, Ford hopes they will buy one afterward. According to a Ford spokesman, slightly more than 8% of regular event attendees purchased a new Ford soon after, with Broncos accounting for 63% of those purchases.


Ford has a fee to participate in this public Off-Roadeo program because it does not need the purchase of a Bronco. The cost of a vehicle is $795, which covers the driver and up to three passengers. To book a reservation and drive in the program, drivers must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

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