Formula 1 Set for Talks over Key Tire Change

Formula 1 tire change 2026

As part of a weight-saving initiative, Formula One may abandon 18-inch tires beginning in 2026. The weight of F1 cars has progressively increased in recent years, prompting driver complaints about how it has affected the control of the machinery.


The minimal weight of the cars at the start of the turbo-hybrid era in 2014 was 690kg, but that has climbed by more than 100kg since then. The FIA has long stated that it wants vehicles to be shorter and lighter when the new set of technical regulations takes effect in 2026.


Besides gaining weight, cars have grown significantly longer than new laws have been implemented over the years. The FIA is aiming to combat the tendency by applying steps to reduce the expanding dimensions of weight and length, and one area where it may do so is with its tires – knows that discussions on the subject are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks.


Last season, Pirelli introduced 18-inch tires alongside new aerodynamic rules, resulting in a backdrop effect. However, the new tires alone added an estimated 14kg in weight, owing primarily to the larger rim size.

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