Top 13 eCommerce Online Stores in Saudi Arabia

eCommerce stores in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia’s eCommerce market is ranked the 25th largest in the world. In 2020, the total income generated by Saudi Arabia’s eCommerce businesses was USD 7 billion. During the Covid-19 outbreak, Saudi Arabia’s online services have experienced enormous growth. The payment for eCommerce services has increased by 60%. By 2025, according to Boston Consulting Group and Meta Platforms, Saudi Arabia’s eCommerce industry will generate US$13.3 billion in revenue.


The eCommerce market in Saudi Arabia gives companies a wide range of opportunities for growth and profit. It alters the course of the economy. With the services it provides and the money it makes, eCommerce businesses have the potential to transform conventional trade channels. The best we list is 13 Saudi Arabian eCommerce sites below, and using them will change how you shop online forever!

The top 13 e-commerce stores in KSA


Site Unique Quality
Haraj Top e-commerce site in Saudi Arabia with diverse classifieds.
Noon Aims to boost the Middle East’s digital economy, offering various services.
AliExpress Global marketplace with a focus on openness, simplicity, and low costs
Amazon Wide selection of products and significant presence in Saudi Arabia.
Opensooq Classified ads network serving the Middle East and North Africa region.
Jarir Market leader for consumer IT goods, electronics, and books in the Middle East.
MercadoLibre It is the most popular e-commerce site in Latin America, with a wide range of products.
Extra The most popular electronics retailer in Saudi Arabia with a vast product selection.
Jazp Well-liked online shopping site in the Middle East, offering aspirational but cheap products.
eBay A global online market for buying and selling a wide range of products and services.
Xcite Kuwait’s largest multi-brand electronics retailer with a strong brand presence.
Carrefour An online store with a national focus in Saudi Arabia, specializing in food and personal care.
Virgin Megastore Offers a diverse range of lifestyle products and supports local artists and cultures.


In Saudi Arabia, Haraj is the top e-commerce business. It began concentrating on cars, went on to real estate, and eventually became Saudi Arabia’s one-stop shop for all classifieds. There are currently over 500,000 daily visitors to Haraj. The largest Saudi platform for new and used purchases and sales includes items like vehicles, real estate, gadgets, animals, and more on the web and through mobile apps. It has 29.6 million visitors every month.

Link: Haraj


Technology business Noon aims to be the finest marketplace for buying and selling goods. By doing this, Noon aims to boost the Middle East’s digital economy by enabling local entrepreneurs and talent to satisfy all the online needs of consumers. The headquarters of Noon are in the Saudi Arabian city of Riyad, Ar Riyad. The region’s domestic e-commerce platform and top online shopping destination,, launched in 2017. Today, noon is a digital ecosystem of goods and services, including, noon Daily, noon food, NowNow, SIVVI, noon VIP, noon payments, and noon pay. It is the second-largest corporation in Saudi Arabia, with 16.3M monthly visitors (Saudi Arabia accounts for 1/3 of the total).

Link: Noon

3. AliExpress

Global marketplace Aliexpress brings together customers and sellers from all over the world. When the website was first introduced in 2009, it quickly became the most well-liked marketplace for entrepreneurs and small enterprises to sell their goods. Aliexpress’s success can be ascribed to its dedication to openness, simplicity, and low costs. Because of the large selection of goods it offers at reasonable rates, Aliexpress has become a popular destination for many consumers.  

Link: Aliexpress

4. Amazon

Amazon is a worldwide retailer, as it is active in many countries. It has quickly expanded to rank among the most well-liked online shopping locations. Jeff Bezos founded it in 2002, with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA. Electronics, clothing, home and garden products, toys, sporting goods, and a wide range of other products are all sold on Amazon. Amazon began operations in Saudi Arabia in 2017 after acquiring the Riyadh-based online shopping website and has since hired over 1,400 people nationwide. The new Amazon office is in the Riyadh Front Tower, an iconic location that offers a fantastic urban experience that reimagines how people work, play, dine, shop, and share space. It was once known as One factor that makes Amazon a popular eCommerce site in Saudi Arabia is the wide selection of products. 

Link: Amazon


The classified ads network OpenSooq serves the Middle East and North Africa region. The site covers 19 nations with classified ads ranging from conventional buy and sell ads – including employment, real estate, vehicles, etc. – to personal adverts and services. It is free and only available in Arabic. While Salah Sharif was employed as an IT contractor in the US in 2008, he started In real-time, we link buyers and sellers to buy, sell, or receive a service or job.  29.6 million people visit it monthly, with Saudi Arabians accounting for 1/5 of all visitors.

Link: OpenSooq

6. Jarir

A tiny bookstore called Jarir Marketing Company, often known as “Jarir Bookstore”, was founded in Riyadh in 1974. Jarir opened a second branch in Riyadh in the 1980s and then another in the 1990s. Jarir is currently the market leader in the Middle East for consumer IT goods, electronics, office supplies, and books. Jarir sells its retail and wholesale products in Saudi Arabia and other GCC nations. Jarir established a joint stock company in 2002; in 2003, it was listed on the Saudi Capital Market. At the moment, Jarir has SR 1.20 billion in paid-up capital.


The headquarters of Jarir are in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Jarir operates through two divisions: a wholesale business and a retail division that trades under Jarir Bookstore. Jirar’s monthly visitors are almost 11M.

Link: Jarir

7. MercadoLibre 

The most popular e-commerce site in Latin America is MercadoLibre. Founded in 1999 by Stelleo Passos Tolda, with offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It provides many goods like electronics, clothing, books, and more. A marketplace online called MercadoLibre enables users to buy from other sellers or sell any interest or service from the comfort of their own homes. One of the most well-known online marketplaces in the world, the business has experienced fast growth. 

Link: MercadoLibre


The United Electronics Company (UEC launched Extra in 2003 in Saudi Arabia). Here, you will find a wide variety of products, including TVs, stereo systems, laptops, mobile phones, IT communications, cameras, home appliances, and personal care items, and it offers all the top worldwide brands. With 48 locations throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, two in Bahrain, and three in Oman, eXtra is today’s most popular electronics retailer with +12 million customers. Extra wants to be the top retailer of appliances, communications equipment, and consumer electronics in the area. Monthly visitors to the site are around 5.1M in Saudi Arabia.

Link: Extra

9. Jazp

The most well-liked website for online shopping in the Middle East is called Founded in 2018 by Jamsheer Thanalot, with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates. Exclusive in-house collections, sporting goods, electronics, cell phones, perfumes, and internationally renowned brands are just a few of the many products it offers. Because of its aspirational but cheap product selection, customers favour It’s very authentic with a good variety of goods, and also it’s affordable for everyone.

Link: Jazp

10. eBay

One of the top global online markets for buying and selling a wide range of products and services is eBay. When consumers sought to buy or sell products using their personal computers, Pierre Omidyar launched the business as a platform to make that possible. Customers can use it as a marketplace to buy and sell non-market commodities, including valuable, antique, and old-fashioned items. One of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world is eBay. People trust it because of its large user base.

Link: eBay

11. Xcite 

Xcite is Kuwait’s largest multi-brand electronics retailer, supported by Alghanim Electronics,, with over 300 global brands. Alghanim Industries, the parent firm, is one of the largest privately held corporations in the Gulf region. Alghanim Industries, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate with over 30 enterprises, is a multinational company with activities in 40 countries. Alghanim International Electronics has continually been recognized as one of the region’s finest employers, winning significant awards such as Hewitt Associates’ ‘Finest Employer in the Middle East’ and ‘Asia’s Best Employer Brand. It receives approximately 574.3K visitors every month.

Link: Xcite

12. Carrefour 

Majid Al Futtaim Holding, LLC operates, an online store with a national focus. Its eCommerce net sales are virtually entirely generated in Saudi Arabia. Regarding product variety, generates most of its e-commerce net sales in the Food and Personal Care area. In addition, products from the Toys, Hobby & DIY region are available. Carrefour’s first store opened in the Annecy suburbs of France in June 1957. Majid Al Futtaim organization of Companies was founded in 1992 with 100% UAE capital, and it quickly established itself as the largest and most successful corporate organization in the Arabian Gulf region. It receives approximately 1M visitors every month.

Link: Carrefourksa

13. Virgin Megastore

With over 40 locations in the Middle East, Virgin Megastore is a global pioneer in retail entertainment. Since its inception in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2008, Virgin Megastore has set an unwavering goal of expanding its product selection lines to meet the region’s growing trends, offering a diverse range of lifestyle products in music, fashion, culture, technology, entertainment, beauty, and related services.


Virgin Megastore has created a new dimension in entertainment retail, catering to the region’s cultures through events, activities, and support of local artists in each market it enters, with its unique shopping experience and physical and online stores, with various supporting services. Its monthly visitors are almost 304.7K in Saudi Arabia.

Link: Virgin Megastore

Final Words

Saudi Arabia’s eCommerce market is the world’s 25th largest, with a total revenue of USD 7 billion in 2020. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the sector grew substantially, with a projected revenue of $13.3 billion by 2025.,, AliExpress, Amazon,, Jarir Marketing Company, MercadoLibre,,, eBay, Xcite,, and Virgin Megastore are among the top thirteen Saudi Arabian eCommerce sites. The complete list can change in a month or two as every company improves daily and new ideas and companies start in this field. The above companies are working well in the country, so find the best one for you and start shopping online.


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