UFC Free Live Streaming Sites – Our Pick of Top 6 Sites

UFC Free Live Streaming Sites

UFC and martial arts fans are always looking for accessible sources to access UFC fights of their favorite fighters in the ring. Officially, UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship is paid and only accessible through official TV channels. 

But with the help of online IPTV resources, you can enjoy live streaming UFC through free and the best streaming sites. Thousands of websites offer the same feature of UFC streaming, but which site is best for you? 

Best Free Streaming Websites for UFC

Here in this listicle on best UFC Streaming websites, we have listed only those sites which are best for the same purpose and are easily accessible all over the world. So due to this fact, here in this review article, you will find some top-notch websites that are free, user-friendly, and up all the time. 

Free websites like Fight Live, Smartcric, Stream2Watch, Sky Sports, CricFree, Countrcic, SportLemon, Roja Directa and other sites are available for UFC free streaming. Links of all these sites are available in this review.

Roja Directa

Roja Directa is a popular platform to access any sporting events from your home, including UFC and martial arts. It is a well-maintained free source to follow and watch your favorite players fighting in the ring. 

Besides UFC, there are sections for football, badminton, baseball, basketball, beach soccer, golf, darts, cycling, boxing, billiard, racing, winter sports, weightlifting, volleyball, squash, table tennis, sailing, ice hockey, handball and all other sports you are interested in.

On the home page, you can find a link for a live schedule of all the sports and events happening around you or in the world. Click the link to browse it now.  

Click on the link to access https://www.rojadirecta.watch/.

Sky Sports  

Sky Sports has a proven and famous name in the world of sports. It is the best platform where every sports niche can be found and telecasted for free. Sky Sportscontains live streaming options for football, cricket leagues, F1, golf, NFL, racing, Boxing, NBA, UFC, and many more. 

It is not only a sports streaming platform but a complete hub of everything related to sports. On the home page, you can find schedule for the upcoming sports events and the sports highlight tab to access previously concluded games. 

You must log in to access UFC fight nights streaming or any other sports streaming for free. Multiple channels allow you to enjoy a smooth experience while watching your favorite games. 

Click on the link to access https://www.skysports.com/watch

Fight Live 

As mentioned in the name, Fight Live helps you access UFC fight nights live from the ring on your home computer or mobile. The main focus of Fight Live is on telecasting live fights, boxing as well as martial arts events. With the help of the Fight Live website for UFC streaming, you can watch uninterrupted fights right from your room. 

There are different servers. For example, if a stream is not accessible through one server or a server is down, you can quickly jump to another server without hesitation. For fight lovers, the Fight Live website is highly recommended.  

Click on the link to access https://fight-live.tv/


SportsLemon offers a wide range of sports content and lives stream for all the major sports. It allows you to stream Basketball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Motorsports, Boxing, UFC, and all other sports from every day. 

UFC fans have options for live streaming of fights and martial arts. Besides live streaming, UFC, and sports fans can access sports news, highlights, and reports on the world of mixed martial arts and UFC. 

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Everything can be found on the home page. The website of sportLemon is available in the English language only so it might be difficult for non-English users. 

Click on the link to access https://sportlemons.net/

Stream 2 Watch 

Stream 2 Watch is a popular name among sports fans in online streaming. It allows you free access to many UFC events without connecting to the TV channel. You don’t need any extra tools, get access to it on your mobile phone or use an internet-connected smart TV. 

The main aim of the website providers is that sports should be accessible to anyone and from anywhere. UFC fans who want to live stream free UFC events can access this website worldwide. 

In this way, you can access NFL, NBA, La Liga, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Motorsports, MMA, Serie A, Premier League, College Football, Major League Baseball, and many other sports like these. 

Regarding compatibility, Stream2Watch for UFC and other sports streaming is compatible with major devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. It also supports all the major operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and others. 

Click on the link to access https://stream2watch.games/

Official UFC YouTube Channel 

This part is a little off the topic, but worth mentioning it. On the YouTube channel of UFC, you get free access to highlights and short clips. Their official YouTube channel has videos for fights, previews, UFC highlights, summarises, and other playlists. 

Click on the link to access https://www.youtube.com/user/UFC/videos

Final Words 

That’s all for this article. Our list includes some top-notch and ever-green websites for UFC fight streaming, but the list can be improved. Remember, various other websites offer free access to UFC fights. So whenever you are stuck, you can search for alternatives online. 

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