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In Nigeria, online shopping is becoming commonplace as more and more young people discover the excitement of a safe and secure online buying experience. These days, consumers are more interested in learning about the entire list of online retailers with excellent customer service than just the cheapest ones in Nigeria. Therefore, you’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re seeking the most significant online stores in Nigeria with a vast inventory that lets you buy almost anything from groceries to electronics to clothing, gadgets, and more, all from the comfort of your phone or laptop. Now let’s examine the top e-commerce sites in Nigeria that provide a safe and easy way to shop:

The top 10 e-commerce stores in Nigeria


Site Unique Quality
Jumia Presence in 11 African nations, wide product selection
Konga Thorough product descriptions, ratings, reviews, and daily specials
PayPorte Exclusive fashion-buying platform, affiliate program
Deluxe Affordable prices, in-store experience for product inspection
Kara Extensive range of technology and electrical goods, flexible payment options
AliExpress Broad array of products, safe direct purchases
Jiji Large classified ad listing site, free for basic use
Spar Nigeria Diverse product selection, online and offline retail
Amazon Global presence, wide product variety
Supermart Lightning-fast delivery, extensive product inventory

1. Jumia 

Designed with the African market in mind, Jumia is undoubtedly the biggest e-commerce platform in Nigeria and throughout Africa. The e-commerce store has experienced exponential growth since its launch in 2012. Jumia was present only in Nigeria but now in 11 African nations. It provides a wide selection of goods in numerous categories. Store X carries everything from electronics and clothes to beauty products and home appliances. They have a very user-friendly mobile app and website, making browsing and buying easy. Jumia prioritizes customer pleasure and provides each product with high professionalism. With increased sales and discounts, Jumia Nigeria should be a top choice for Nigerians shopping online.

To visit the site, click here: Jumia

2. Konga 

Konga began as a reseller of its stock goods in Lagos in 2012. However, the business quickly allowed other retailers to open their online storefronts on the “Konga Mall” website starting in 2013. Jumia and Konga were launched roughly simultaneously and, understandably, became competitors. Konga was a contemporary of Jumia. Store X offers various goods, including electronics, clothing, cosmetics, and household appliances. They have a very user-friendly mobile app and website, making browsing and buying easy. To assist you in making wise choices, they offer thorough product descriptions, ratings, and reviews from previous customers. In addition to offering genuine coupons, Konga also offers products at a reduced price. They provide countrywide shipping and daily specials unlike anything else. You can always shop confidently on Konga since any other vendors who attempt to offer fake goods on the marketplace are removed without causing any harm to customers.

To visit the site, click here: Konga

3. PayPorte 

Launched in 2014, Payporte is an exclusive fashion-buying platform that is impossible to miss for Nigerian internet shoppers. Since then, it has expanded into the UK, USA, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, China, and Nigeria. The Payporte website offers designer clothing, shoes, bags, cosmetics, jewelry, pants, and sunglasses, and its fashion line for men and women. Additionally, PayPorte collaborates with nearby companies by promoting their goods to a larger audience on its website. These businesses have quick insurance, client access, and commercial success prospects. Payporte allows customers to sell high-quality products through their e-commerce website, just like Konga and Jumia. They safeguard their clients from fraud by implementing policies and procedures to stop dishonest merchants. Additionally, Payporte offers an affiliate program that enables individuals without a product to promote high-quality goods from other sellers and make a respectable living.

To visit the site, click here: Payporte

4. Deluxe

One of Nigeria’s most affordable internet retailers, Deluxe, offers goods in various categories. With a new e-commerce platform that would make online purchasing a fantastic experience, this company hopes to revolutionize the online shopping market in Nigeria completely. They have an extensive product line that includes Electronics, Cameras, Security & Surveillance Gadgets, Home/Office Appliances, and more. Additionally, they offer an in-store experience where you can touch and feel various things and make an informed decision. Calling them is an option if you need assistance placing your order and are not tech-savvy. Also, Deluxe has a Promotion page where you may obtain steep savings on your favorite products. 

To visit the site, click here: Deluxe

5. Kara

Launched in 2012, Kara Nigeria is the online shopping portal owned by Royal Coast Technologies Limited. These days, Kara Nigeria is one of the top retailers of technology and electrical goods for homes and workplaces. Among its many products are laptops. Smartphones, printers, computer networking security devices, software and hardware refrigerators, inverters, scanners, generators, solar-powered panels, office equipment, health products, kids’ stores, and more. Kara provides a variety of flexible payment choices, including bank transfer, cash transfer, and online credit/debit card payment. Their products also have the option to “Buy Now” and “Pay Later.” Their primary brands are SAMSUNG, DELL, INFINIX, SUMEC FIRMAN, and APPLE.  The best website for online shopping is Kara, where you can get anything you need. 

To visit the site, click here: Kara

6. AliExpress

With its headquarters in China, AliExpress is the leading e-commerce platform in China. The company supplies many goods to retailers and retail clients, such as phones, laptops, clothes, shoes, home appliances, health care products, books, baby items, and personal care items. Independent merchants use AliExpress as a platform to present products to customers. Direct purchases on AliExpress are rather safe because all purchases made on the website are insured for customers. You can easily buy fresh vegetables, essential grocery items, cleaning materials, and more with Store W. They work with suppliers and neighborhood grocery stores to guarantee that high-quality products are available. Thanks to Store W’s flexible delivery choices, you may plan deliveries conveniently. 

To visit the site, click here: AliExpress

7. Jiji

Jiji Nigeria is a subsidiary of Jiji Africa, a Pan-African online marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet, interact, and conduct business. Jiji was founded in 2014 as a classified ad listing site, with at least 3 million ads in various categories ranging from electronics, mobile phones, real estate, cars, agricultural produce, services, and jobs. It enables people and businesses to purchase and sell goods in Nigeria.  This online store is free, but you must register to get started. When you utilize the platform’s premium services, you will be charged. As a Seller or business owner, you can post free classified advertising on the website for your products and services to maximize efficiency.

To visit the site, click here: Jiji

8. Spar Nigeria

Spar Nigeria is one of the top ten online shopping sites in Nigeria, offering a diverse selection of products from which to choose. Currently operating as an online and physical retailer. Spar Nigeria has some of the top low-cost products in various categories, including children’s apparel, electronics, home appliances, office supplies, clothing, beauty products, etc. Currently operates as a retail and wholesale business both online and offline. They also sell fresh produce, meat, and groceries to fulfill your family’s needs. Spar Nigeria is undoubtedly one of the cheapest online retailers in Nigeria, where you can expect discounted products from your favorite brands.  To get the most out of Spar Nigeria, download their app.

To visit the site, click here: Spar Nigeria

9. Amazon

Without question, Amazon is one of the top e-commerce sites in the world, and it makes its place among the best online shopping sites in Nigeria. Many individuals like its diverse product offerings across all categories. For each product search, you are presented with various options, making it simple to find your favorite goods at a reasonable price. Goods purchased on Amazon can be transported to Nigeria at competitive pricing via several online shipping firms. Amazon products can be transported to Nigeria at competitive prices via several online shipping firms. Amazon makes it simple to shop online around the world.

To visit the site, click here: Amazon

10. Supermart 

Supermart is an online shopping service and supermarket founded in 2014 by two former Jumia Nigeria executives. It advertises a lightning-fast delivery service, capable of delivering your requested goods in less than 5 hours on any day of the week. Supermart has gathered over 70,000 products from partner businesses and at least 20 stores.  Supermarket inventory now includes many things, such as toiletries, baby products, health and wellness products, office supplies, grocery items, food, drinks, utensils, and literature. 

To visit the site, click here: Supermart


As online shopping is becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria, all the online platforms competing for customer attention.  Some of the best e-commerce sites in Nigeria are Jumia, Konga, PayPorte 3, Deluxe, Kara, AliExpress, Jiji, Spar Nigeria, Amazon, and Supermart.  These online stores are always ready to help you in Nigeria; whether you’re shopping for gadgets, clothes, beauty goods, food, or household supplies, you will find the best one for yourself.


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