Tesla’s new Driver Drowsiness Warning feature counts yawns and blinks

Driver Drowsiness Warning Tesla

Tesla is now aiming to predict driver fatigue with a new feature called “Driver Drowsiness Warning.” It measures the frequency of yawns and blinks using the cabin-facing camera, which guarantees the driver was paying attention to the road rather than their phone. The new capability was initially rumored in May when a Tesla hacker known as Green discovered evidence of sleepiness tracking in Tesla’s software. 


The Driver Drowsiness Warning tool examines both facial traits and driving behavior in action. If the system detects weariness, an alert will show on the touchscreen in the card, and an internal alarm will ring.


Drivers can turn off the feature by going to Controls and choosing Safety. However, unless the car is constantly beeping whenever it moves from the direct center of a lane, there is little reason to do so. 


The Driver Drowsiness Warning should be activated automatically during a new drive. However, the feature is only activated when the vehicle exceeds 40 miles per hour and Autopilot is not turned on. Even if an alert is issued, the warning system will deactivate if the vehicle falls below a certain speed. In its announcement, Tesla included the standard disclaimer, reminding drivers that it is their “responsibility” to stay awake and focused on the road ahead. 


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