Most tire retailers get high marks for customer satisfaction in CR survey

Tire Retailers High Marks


Buying a tire should not be stressful for drivers, and according to a recent Consumer Reports research, the tire-buying experience, while it differs from retailer to retailer, is ‌favorable.


The item in CR is based on a survey of 18 retail tire-supply chains, as well as an examination of independent shops and automobile dealerships. Over 5,000 members took part in the 12-month survey in 2022.


According to the CR study, which covered disparities in shop options, installation time, and waiting rooms, 15 of the 18 merchants were ranked above average for overall satisfaction; only three brand-name retailers were rated average or lower.


Les Schwab Tire Centers, Kal Tire, Discount Tyre, and Tyre Rack received the highest ratings among name-brand stores. With an overall satisfaction score of 94, independent merchants came out on top.


“Based on our most recent member survey, the tire buying experience appears to be quite positive for most shoppers,” says Ryan Pszczolkowski, Consumer Reports’ tire program manager. However, there are significant variances in aspects of the shopping experience that may lead buyers to choose certain stores. Online businesses, for instance, have a larger selection than physical ones, however, the latter might get what you want if you can wait.

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