Honda’s new ‘Ye’ electrics for China feature SUVs and a stunning sedan

Honda Ye electric vehicles China

Honda and its Chinese partners will unveil the first three models in their new “Ye” series of electric vehicles and crossovers later this month at the Beijing Motor Show — Auto China 2024. The lineup includes a stylish, low-slung car that will hit the market at the end of next year.

The new Ye P7 and Ye S7 models will go on sale at the end of 2024. Both SUVs will be based on a newly developed dedicated EV platform and will be available in two configurations: one-motor rear-wheel-drive and two-motor four-wheel-drive. According to Honda, both variants are intended to promote the “pleasure of driving.”

Honda claims that the RWD variants will have “sporty and crisp driving,” whereas the 4WD vehicles will increase performance and have more responsive handling. Few details about the cockpit have been released yet, but the cabins will have an LED instrument panel and door panels that “alter in unison with the AI-powered help and other features.”

Honda claims that the third recently introduced vehicle, the Ye GT Concept car, reveals future design considerations for their EV intentions in China. In keeping with its “low & wide” appearance, the driver’s seat is “intended to immerse the driver in the driving experience,” according to the firm. The dynamic performance is “thoroughly tuned to deliver the optimum driving experience.” 

The new series is titled after the Chinese character “烨,” which means “shine brilliantly,” and all will sport the new, white-colored “H mark” badge designated for Honda’s next-generation EVs.

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