Honda CR-V hydrogen fuel cell prototype unveiled — and it’s a PHEV too

Hydrogen Fuel Cell PHEV

Honda has announced the hydrogen fuel cell-powered CR-V, which will be sold in Japan later this year. Of course, the prototype is not entirely visible because it is wrapped in a camouflage wrap that depicts molecules developing into circuit boards.


The CR-V FCEV is designed to run on a hydrogen fuel cell, transforming compressed gas into the electricity that powers the vehicle. However, what distinguishes it from other hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, such as the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo, is its lithium-ion battery pack, which can be charged via plug. It will function similarly to a plug-in hybrid but without the gasoline component.


This means the CR-V can run entirely on the battery for an unknown number of kilometers before switching to the two H2 tanks. This is believed to alleviate concerns about the availability of hydrogen fueling stations, which still need to be improved in the United States.


The CR-V will also have power export capability. In the accompanying video, a driver plugs a portable coffee maker into the car while taking a break from driving through lovely seashore sceneries in Japan.


The FCV stands out from other CR-Vs with clear taillights and a charging port door on the left front fender. Honda has stated that it will only construct 2,000 of these vehicles per year.

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