Instagram Admits it’s Pushing ‘Too Many Videos’ on Users

Instagram Too Many Videos

In order to compete with quick-loading video apps like TikTok, Meta has shifted its emphasis to Instagram. However, this has displeased a lot of users. Additionally, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has now acknowledged that the site has been pushing “too many videos” on its users after Instagram reversed design modifications that had made its app more like TikTok.

The Instagram platform’s CEO acknowledged that there are “a number of photographers who have been upset” about Instagram’s recent emphasis on video in a Story that Mosseri shared on his own Instagram account. Nevertheless, he added, “photos will always remain a component of Instagram.”

Mosseri claimed in the same Story that Instagram “overfocused” on video the previous year and that the platform will now return to balancing the proportion of images and videos that are displayed to users. In one instance he cited, Instagram will take into account a user’s preference for videos over images when deciding which material will show up first in their feeds.

The official at the Meta-owned business noted that while videos have been increasing overall engagement, Instagram won’t do rid of images from its app. Instead, it will continue to invest in videos.

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