Twitter teases new video-related features coming soon

Twitter teases new video-related features

Twitter that is known for text-focused social network but with its expended feature like spaces and longer videos will no longer just text focused network. And interestingly, the company’s Senior Product Designer Andrea Conway teased that many more video-related features are expected to be coming soon.

Conway tweeted with an image on her profile, which shows a new menu for users when they are watching videos on Twitter’s mobile app. This menu will have options such as captions, playback speed, and even a download button as well as share and report a video option.

The new features show Twitter’s seriousness toward competing in videos with other platforms like TikTok and even YouTube. However, it is not yet. Confirm that the feature will come to Twitter but the senior Designer announces it.

Lastly, the platform a video feature, full-screen vertical videos, similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels. Not just that, but recently it allowed Blue subscribers to upload videos up to 2 hrs long to social network, but it also doesn’t support 4k video that is a downside compared to YouTube.

All new features will come to iOS and Android, but not sure about Mac, while the app hasn’t received updates in months, missing many features, may Twitter plan to not keep its Mac app much longer.

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