Spark Email gets +AI for Faster, Better Emails and Inbox Control

Spark Email gets +AI

The popular email client Spark is finally out for users with great updates that bring generative AI as your personal assistant. Spark +AI is designed to write a better email so faster and enhance your communication confidence, while it does not dismiss your autonomy and privacy like other AI models.

It also allows users to shorten, expand, and change the tone of the email along with the ability to compose and rephrase it in a few seconds.

Spark +AI can’t send emails by itself, but users control it. Readdle says that its sole purpose is to help you in creating the ideal draft. What Readdle highlight is that Spark +AI uses OpenAI’s GPT integration and email content will be shared with OpenAI, for the purpose of providing the Spark +AI feature. But it doesn’t mean the data train OpenAI models, but it simply makes it easier to write effective emails with the maintenance of your data privacy and security.

This generative AI feature is a part of premium not for free. You can try a free 7-day trial if not already a subscriber/user. Readdle is offering this free trial for new users to try.

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