Twitter Forcing Algorithm Timeline on your Face: iOS Update

Twitter Forcing Algorithm Timeline

Twitter allowed users to choose whether they wanted to see the chronological or algorithm-based timeline by default on the Twitter app. Unfortunately, the most recent Twitter update for iOS forces users to see algorithmically suggested tweets by default once again.

Many users have noticed that the Twitter app for the iPhone now divides the Home screen into two tabs: For You and Following. The first displays a tweet recommended by the algorithm. This means that you will not see tweets in the order in which they were posted, and you may see popular tweets from people you do not follow.

You can still access Twitter’s regular chronological timeline with tweets only from the accounts you follow by going to the Following tab. When you close the app, however, Twitter will return you to the For You tab. The new design is strikingly similar to one introduced by Twitter in early 2022 but later withdrawn.

Twitter says the change is now available to iOS users, but it’s unclear when it will be available for the Android app, or if the company will reverse its decision. It’s worth noting that this has no effect on third-party Twitter clients such as Tweetbot, which continue to display tweets in chronological order.

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