Biden Targets Apple in op-ed on Big Tech Regulation

Biden Targets Apple in op-ed

In an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal, President Joe Biden urged Democrats and Republicans to “unite against Big Tech.” Although the article refrains from mentioning any names, Apple is the obvious focus of Biden’s plea for increased competition in the technology sector.

Vice President Joe Biden claims that Big Tech practices “deepen extremism and polarisation in our country,” violate women’s and minorities’ civil rights, and endanger children. He believes Democrats and Republicans should collaborate to pass bipartisan legislation to hold Big Tech accountable.

This follows Apple CEO Tim Cook’s request for a federal privacy law “as soon as possible.” The US needs to “bring more competition back to the tech sector,” writes Biden. Vice President Joe Biden has called for “fairer road rules” for technology companies. He believes they should not be “smothered” by dominant incumbents or charged exorbitant fees to compete on their platforms.
Apple has been chastised for alleged anticompetitive behavior as well as broader antitrust concerns. In comparison to European Union regulators, the US has done very little to address these concerns. Senator Klobuchar and Apple have publicly argued about how these antitrust bills might affect the company.

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