Apple Watch fall Detection kicks in after Minnesota man is hit by a Car

Apple Watch Saves Man Hit by Car

Fall detection on Apple Watch has often shown itself to be a useful and life-saving feature. After being struck by a car in his own neighborhood, a guy in Minnesota is now attributing his assistance to his Apple Watch.

According to CBS News, Michael Brodkorb heard a loud automobile nearby while he was standing in his driveway. When he “took a few steps into the street” to inspect, that car hit him nearly quickly. According to Brodkorb, the driver continued to go without stopping to see how he was doing.

Brodkorb was wearing his Apple Watch, which recognized the impact as a heavy fall when he was hit by the car. The Apple Watch automatically summoned emergency services and texted his emergency contacts after he ignored the notification.

Tim Cook was contacted by Brodkorb to explain the situation. When Brodkorb spoke with the Apple CEO, “he wished me a speedy recovery and let me know that this is why they design these types of features,” he said.

The car’s 17-year-old driver was eventually recognised by police as someone whose “family reached out to the department after the crash.” Before deciding whether to press charges, police have “interviewed the teenager and are concluding their investigation.”

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