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AppLinked helps you find your favorite apps in one place without any hassle. 

It is a place to find hundreds of apps from which you can find your own most simply. 

This App helps you in organizing all the apps in one place. Using this App, you don’t need to search the internet for your favorite apps. Rather you can only view the AppLinked library. 

To use Applinked, you don’t need to have extra knowledge. It is a simple process. Find a code of any app from the internet or the list given in this article. Once you enter the code, you can start enjoying using your favorite App in no time. 

It does not stop there; if the user does not know of any codes, they can search in the App through the search functionality to find a specific application they are looking for.

AppLinked Supported Devices

When it comes to the supported devices, AppLinked is non less than others; it supports all the major streaming and gaming devices such as Fire T.V., FireStick, PlayStation, HBO, Hulu, ESPN, Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Sling, and Nvidia Shield. 

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How to download AppLinked on Any Android Device?

Open the downloader app on your Android device. To download the Applinked APK, visit ( through the downloader app of Android platform. The downloader apps will look similar to the screenshot given below.

How to Install AppLinked APK on Firestick/Android

Video tutorial to download AppLinked on Android devices

You may watch this video to download and install the downloader app on Android platform. 


Is AppLinked safe to vuse?

Based on the online results of scanning tool i.e. VirusTotal, it is completely safe to use AppLinked on your android system. 

 For reference, please refer to the screenshot of the scan results of Applinked. 

Here is the screenshot of the scan results.

Is AppLinked APK Safe?

Based on the above screenshot, there are no extra and harmful elements in the app. So, you can use without any fear of data leakage and virus or malware attack. 
You may refer to the below given video to find further information about AppLinked.

Working AppLinked Codes

To use AppLinked at its best, you must be aware of the working codes for it. These codes help you to download your favorite app on an Android based system.

applinked apk

Below are given top three codes currently available for Applinked. You may go for these or find more from the internet.


Want to ask something?

If you have any query regarding AppLinked, please feel free to ask the support team through their Twitter handle @AppLinked_

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