Twitter Announces DM Improvements, Voice and Video Calls

Twitter Unveils DM Upgrades and Voice/Video Calls

Elon Musk claims that users can respond to any post in a thread, not just the most recent one, in the most recent version of the Twitter app. Additionally, users will be able to choose any emoji as a response. That’s not all, though.

Twitter will roll out encrypted direct messages on Wednesday, claims Musk. As the encrypted messages cannot be seen by the firm, this will be a significant improvement in terms of privacy. According to the CEO, the sophistication of the encrypted messages “will grow rapidly.”

It’s interesting to note that Musk also mentioned that Twitter has been developing a new audio and video chat tool that ought to function very much like FaceTime. The CEO of the firm stated that users will be able to call “anyone on this platform” using their handle, enabling them to communicate with anyone in the globe without disclosing their phone number.

Currently, Twitter Spaces, which are meant for group chats, let users converse live via voice, but Spaces are public. Twitter will attempt to compete with other online audio and video calling systems for the first time with this move.

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