US Court rules that Corellium can offer iOS virtual machines

US Court Allows Corellium to Offer Virtual iOS Devices

In a recent ruling, a US court has allowed Corellium to offer virtual iOS devices without infringing on any copyrights. Apple had filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that the devices were being sold without authorization. However, the court ruled in favor of Corellium, stating that their products were protected by the “fair use doctrine” of copyright law.

The case between Apple and Corellium had been ongoing since August 2019, and both companies had almost reached a settlement in 2021. However, the dispute continued until the recent ruling by the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

Corellium’s virtual machines running iOS are used for security research purposes, and the court agreed that their products further scientific progress by allowing security research into important operating systems. The court also noted that iOS is a functional operating software that falls outside the core of copyright law.

Corellium’s iOS virtual machines are available through a subscription service that is reviewed to prevent any misuse, with prices ranging from $99 to $295 for individual users. As a result of the decision, Corellium can carry on offering virtual iOS devices to its clients without fear of legal action from Apple.

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