Ivory for Mastodon gets updated with Safari Extension

Ivory for Mastodon gets updated

Users can now see or hide alt text in the media viewer in Ivory for iOS version 1.4. When adding an alt text with live text capability, a viewable preview of the media is now also available. The current update enhances the retrieval of new posts when the user is very behind in their timeline. There’s more, though.

An intriguing feature of the most recent Mastodon Ivory release is that it includes a Safari Extension to open Mastodon links in Ivory. Users can quickly engage with social network posts within the app in this way.

The reading position is now kept in the timeline, and version 1.4 also includes new app icons and a new sound when boosting a post. Ivory was upgraded in March to enable users to register for a Mastodon account right within the app, greatly streamlining the procedure.

After Twitter stated that developers would no longer be able to build third-party clients for the social network using its official API, Tweetbot was shut down, leading to the creation of Ivory. Ivory, which has retained all of Tweetbot’s core features, will feel quite familiar to those who were already using it.

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