Portal now has a Mac app to help you focus and relax

Portal now has a Mac app

The popular iPhone and iPad app Portal, that helps users with “today’s distraction-filled world”, is now comes to the Mac for the first time. The Mac version is same as the iOS app, but the Portal on the Mac little more attractive that it turns videos into live wallpapers. And Mac’s advanced sound system make the feeling of immersion more remarkable.

The Company says that the mostly productive apps looks inward at the point that how our habits and behaviours can make us more productive, like we focus on looking outwards and the seamles and profound impacts our our surrounding have on how we feel or think.

The Portal team chose videos and sound locations meticulously and captured more than 80 scenes around the world. Developers says that this idea represent the feeling of these incredible places in such a way that they can inhsnce productivity without pulling your focus away.

The Mac’s version also integrates with Philips Hue and nonoleaf lights with which you can create more immersive environment by changing the lights according to the theme colors you choose. It have also support for the Shortcuts app and optimizations for the app to run it smoothly on Apple Silicon Macs.

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