Mark Zuckerberg Opposes Apple’s Ecosystem and Argues the Metaverse Should be “Open”

Zuckerberg says metaverse should be 'open' as he criticizes Apple

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has never been shy in expressing his disagreement with some of Apple’s actions, particularly after that firm implemented App Tracking Transparency. This time, Zuckerberg stated that the metaverse should be “open” and blasted Apple and its reported fixed reality headgear. Zuckerberg has reservations about the anticipated Apple headgear. The new virtual reality headset from Meta was introduced on Tuesday, but Apple’s AR/VR headgear won’t be available until 2023.

Zuckerberg explained why he thinks Meta’s VR environment is superior to what Apple has been working on in an interview with The Verge. The CEO of Meta said that his business and Apple are engaged in a “philosophical rivalry” as they both try to shape what he refers to as the metaverse’s future.

Zuckerberg asserts that because Apple currently has complete control over the iPhone, which is used by billions of people worldwide, the corporation can harm both rivals and customers with its anticipated mixed reality headgear. Building its metaverse platform, Meta has been collaborating with partners including Microsoft, Autodesk, and Accenture.

One of the company’s wagers to help more people experience the metaverse is the new Meta Quest Pro. Apple has reportedly been developing at least three new AR/VR headsets. The first will be the cutting-edge mixed reality headset “Apple Reality Pro,” which will directly compete with the Meta Quest Pro. The gadget is anticipated to include 8K panels and sophisticated gesture and environment detecting sensors.

Apple is also working on a less expensive headgear and lighter augmented reality goggles at the same time. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, stated recently that he doesn’t agree with Meta’s interpretation of the metaverse. Cook asserts that the typical individual probably has no idea what the metaverse is, and he disagrees that people need to be encouraged to “spend their whole lives” in a virtual environment.

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