DockCase’s External USB-C SSD Enclosure is Now in a 2.5″ Size

DockCase's External USB-C SSD

DockCase, best known for its integrated MacBook hubs and cases, has announced the release of a new external USB-C enclosure for SSDs. They previously released an enclosure for M.2 drives, but their most recent two enclosures are designed for larger 2.5-inch drives that can house SSDs or traditional mechanical hard drives.

As frequently, people would like to begin with their standard Kickstarter warning. They have previously covered DockCase’s products, and while they are an established company with a track record of delivering their products, they are still launching the product on Kickstarter. As a result, it will take significantly longer to ship than purchasing one of their existing products on Amazon.

The new 2.5′′ drive enclosure is in line with the other “smart” accessories that they have previously released. Rather than simply putting a drive in an enclosure and forgetting about it, DockCase’s 2.5″ enclosure has a small screen and capacitive buttons that allow you to get more information about your drive.

Enclosure SMART

The smart trend began with some of their hubs, which enabled you to see which devices were plugged into which ports. With the SSD enclosure, you can view your drive’s partitions, temperature and exact input voltage, power-loss protection status, and SMART status.


Because this is a 2.5′′ SATA enclosure, it won’t be able to deliver the highest speeds possible from some USB-C SSDs designed specifically for the task. It’s limited by the SATA interface’s speed, but with the right drive, it can still deliver over 500MB/s.

Smart DockCase 2.5″ enclosure

The standard smart enclosure and a “pro” version are available for their 2.5″ smart enclosure. The standard enclosure can accommodate drives up to 9.5mm thick, while the pro enclosure can accommodate drives up to 15mm thick.

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