What precisely was your goal here, OG App?

OG App

Following Apple’s removal of the OG App from its app store a few weeks ago, Google now booted the app from its platform as well. And I’m left scratching my head and pondering what the founders of the original app had in mind. I believe the business essentially created a fresh version of Instagram without any advertising and with a non-algorithmic feed once again.

Without a doubt, I would like that, but there is no possible scenario in which it would be wise to effectively take stuff from Meta (formerly Facebook), repackage it, and distribute it to people. Businesses need to turn a profit, and in Instagram’s case, that means displaying its users advertisements.

We improved it, and people like it a lot. However, Facebook despises its own customers so much that it is prepared to destroy a competitor that offers them an ad-free, pristine Instagram. Apple and Facebook are working together to harass two kids who improved Instagram, according to the firm in a statement sent to TechCrunch for Ivan’s article.

And that’s where I’m simply left scratching my head – that’s not disliking your users, that’s just defending the only means you have to generate income. The app does demonstrate one thing, though, which is that users are becoming disenchanted with Instagram’s ad-heavy business, and according to Sarah’s latest research, things are only going to get worse. You can choose to cease using the offending platform and use a different one if you don’t like it.

Even though I want to support young entrepreneurs, I’m perplexed as to why nobody around the OG App creators stopped them long enough to suggest that perhaps this wasn’t the best idea. The people behind the app will consider themselves extraordinarily fortunate if having the app removed from the app stores ends up being the worst thing that happens to them.

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